Lion Tamer

Practises: yes/no questions

Teacher prepares stickers with a profession on each one. The stickers are affixed to students' foreheads. Students try to discover their own profession by asking yes/no questions (do I work at night? am I rich? do I wear a uniform?) in turn. Works best in smallish groups.

Students should be encouraged to think of the usual question words (where do I work? when do I work? why? who? how? how much? etc) and to formulate appropriate yes/no questions to obtain the required information.

Some suggested "professions":

  • lion-tamer
  • top model
  • brain surgeon
  • president
  • hypnotist
  • lavatory attendant
  • astronaut
  • X-film actor/actress
  • bodyguard
  • trapeze artist
  • prostitute
  • monk
  • strip-tease artist
  • professional killer
  • table tennis player
  • drug dealer
  • funeral director
  • magician
  • clown
  • English teacher

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