Mixed-level ESL Activities

Ideas for activities and games in the English classroom selected from our TEFL Articles section:

Fun Adverbs of Frequency Activities
Entertaining speaking activities for always, sometimes, never etc, as well as similar expressions like once every two months and three times a day.

Alphabet Pronunciation Activities for Adults
Ways to teach pronunciation and recognition of the English alphabet, including in fast connected speech

Minimal Pairs Games
Fun pronunciation games using pairs of words that vary by one sound only

Fun Homophones Activities
Games to introduce and practise the important point of words that sound the same but are spelt differently

Fun Activities for Weather Vocabulary
Making the clichéd topic of weather interesting, relevant and linked to other useful language

10 Fun Activities for Adjectives of Personality
Stimulating activities to teach and practise the difficult but fascinating topic of words that describe people’s character

Fun Activities for Clothes Vocabulary
Twenty entertaining ways to present and practise the names of clothes and ways of describing them, with activities for all ages and levels

Fun Activities for Clothes Vocabulary 2
More fun activities based on the names of clothes and how to describe them. For all ages and levels.

Fun Activities for Language of Emotions
Using TPR, drawings, stories and games to make feelings vocabulary memorable and fun

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