Songs For All

1. Puzzles: these can be done in big construction paper pieces (whole class) or using small paper strips (pairwork/teamwork). You can scramble: stanzas, lines or words.

2. Fill in the blanks: you can select the words to hide at random or according to your teaching point, eg parts of speech (nouns, verbs).

3. Pictures: you can use flashcards as cues for filling in the blanks activities. Another option is to use pictures for story-telling/writing: give students a picture for each team and ask them to create a side story. Some tips for writing a story are: give the names, occupation and physical description of the characters; describe the place they live in; describe their relationship.

4. Context questions: after the song, you can ask students to answer true/false, comprehension or multiple choice questions to check for main ideas understanding. Your class can also discuss topics related to love songs, such as trust, love, faithfulness etc.

Contributed by: Tere Garcia

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