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What Am I wearing?

Objective: identify clothes, styles, colours, shapes

Before class I draw a circle on the board with four air bubbles coming from it and in each write summer, winter, spring and autumn. When I enter the classroom I wear a hat, scarf, gloves, coat etc and we talk about the various garments. Explain garments, clothes, dress etc. In groups brainstorm different clothes for the seasons. Change groups around and new groups complete questionaire about clothes, a pair of shoes, gloves, pyjamas etc. Have a discussion about students' favourite clothes, fashions, can they wear what they like or what their parents choose, etc.

Team game. One student from each team goes to the board and the teacher describes a garment. The winner is the first student to write the correct word with correct spelling. Other students can call or in most cases yell out the word! A real fun game.

I then play another game. I collect about 12 garments or pieces of clothing (eg vest, pants, boxers, skirt, jersey, bra, scarf, gloves, beads, socks) and put them in a pillow case or similar. I play a music tape and students pass around the bag. When the music stops whoever is holding the bag has to pull out a garment (without looking inside) and put on whatever they pull out. This is hiliarious, shrieks of laughter. When all garments are on the students, we repeat the garment as they put it back in the bag.