ELT Management

Welcome to EnglishClub ELT Management, an area of tips, articles and tools for school managers and administration staff.

How To Set Up a Language School
Tips and pointers on starting, equipping and promoting an ESL school

ESL Management Forum at TEFL.net
Ask questions and share your experience with others worldwide in ESL management and administration


How to Promote Your Language Program in a Tough Market
What to do when international crises threaten your market

Marketing Your Language Program
The basics to successful promotion of your courses

Human Resources

ESL Recruitment: An Overview
Why recruitment is a key to success in your school, and how to get it right

ESL Recruitment: The Interview
A structured approach to interviewing prospective teachers

Induction Guidelines for Your New Staff
The importance of welcoming and integrating new teachers for efficient school management

Dealing With Problem Staff
Keys to maintaining discipline and staff harmony

ESL Resources

School Administration Software for Smaller Language Schools
Provides school owners and administrators of smaller language schools with background information on school administration software