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Olympic Games Reading Comprehension Quiz

The test is based on our Olympic Games reading page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. When did the Olympic Games originate? a) 776 BC b) 389 AD c) 1896
2. Which of the following was not an original sport in the Olympic Games? a) javelin b) running c) skating
3. What do the coloured rings on the Olympic flag represent? a) continents b) medals c) sports
4. Which of the following things does the Olympic torch NOT represent? a) victory b) purity c) heat
5. Which one of the following is part of the Opening Ceremonies? a) the victory dance b) the March of Nations c) the first competition
6. In the Athletes Oath, what do the competitors promise to do? a) obey the rules b) honour their families c) remember past Olympiads
7. What did the winner receive in the ancient Games? a) a gold medal b) a silver medal c) a crown of leaves
8. The Games are meant to teach humanity how a) different b) similar c) athletic we all are.
9. According to the spirit of the Games, a sportsman ought to play with a) strength b) competitiveness c) honour.
10. Steroids are banned substances because they a) increase strength b) cause happiness c) decrease stamina.

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