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Olympic Games Vocabulary Test

The test is based on our Olympics vocabulary page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Nike is Tiger Woods' a) host b) sponsor c) amateur.
2. If a relay runner breaks his leg the team uses a a) fanfare b) contestant c) substitute.
3. The torch and the five rings are a) medals b) venues c) symbols of the Olympic Games.
4. Baseball games are often a) substituted b) postponed c) vital due to thunderstorms.
5. Tokyo is a) contesting b) competing c) hosting the 2020 Olympic Games.
6. A person who watches a sport is called a a) spectator b) humanity c) fanfare.
7. A country's song is called its national a) motto b) facility c) anthem.
8. A person who talks about sports on television is a a) broadcaster b) amateur c) spokesman.
9. An athlete who helps advertise a product is a a) contestant b) host c) spokesman for that product.
10. In the Olympics the competitors who come first, second and third win a) torches b) medals c) venues.

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