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Chat Safety

Please follow these tips to keep yourself safe online.

  • Choose your nickname carefully. Do not choose a nickname that shows your real name, age, sex or location.

  • NEVER give personal information online. DO NOT give your real name, address, telephone number, location, sex or age to anyone online.

  • Ignore unwanted users. If a user behaves badly to you, click on their nickname and choose "Ignore".

  • DO NOT answer any bad questions or comments that make you uncomfortable.

  • DO NOT believe everything you read in chat. Often, people pretend or play games for various reasons.

  • DO NOT take part in arguments online. Some users try to start arguments on purpose. Do not answer. Move on.

  • Be VERY, VERY careful if you agree to meet offline with a user that you first met online. Always meet in a public place and always take someone with you.

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