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TOEIC Practice - Part 1: Photographs

In Part 1 of the TOEIC you will look at ten photographs. For each photograph you will hear four statements. You will have to choose which statement has the best description of the picture.

Example 1:

First you will look at a photograph:


Next you will listen to four statements. Choose the one that best describes what you see in the picture.

Explanation 1:

The correct answer is C.


A) The woman is wearing glasses.
B) There is a note on the keyboard.
C) The woman is facing the monitor.
D) There is a lamp above the computer.

Example 2:


Explanation 2:

The correct answer is D.


A) The people are wearing coats.
B) The boat is in the water.
C) The life-jackets are on the boat.
D) The drum is in front of the chair.

Example 3:


Explanation 3:

The correct answer is A.


A) The man is on a pathway.
B) The mountains are covered with snow.
C) The man is carrying a cap.
D) The sandals are in the water.