TOEIC Practice - Part 2: Question-Response

In Part 2 of the TOEIC you will be tested on your ability to respond to a question. It is very important that you can understand and identify wh-questions. You will listen to three possible responses. Only one of the responses is correct.

Example 1:

First you will hear a question. Then you will hear three answer choices.

Explanation 1:

The correct answer choice is C.


How many people are coming to the conference?

A) There were 70 people there.
B) I don't think she is coming.
C) At least 150 people.

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Example 2:

Explanation 2:

The correct answer is B.


Do you think the boss will take us out for lunch today?

A) I had a hamburger and fries.
B) He's probably too busy today.
C) I didn't take the bus.

Example 3:

Explanation 3:

The correct answer is B.


Did you fax the letter to the client?

A) I'll type it after lunch.
B) No, I sent it by email.
C) I collected some important facts.

Example 4:

Explanation 4:

The correct answer is A.


Did you have to wait very long?

A) No more than an hour.
B) I hate long line-ups.
C) I've gained twenty pounds.