TOEIC Practice - Part 5: Incomplete Sentences

Part 5 marks the beginning of the reading skills section. In this section you will read a sentence that has one blank spot. There will be four choices of words or phrases to choose from. You will have to choose the one that you think completes the sentence. When the sentence is complete it must be grammatically correct.

Example 1:

First you will read a sentence with a blank.

Despite having four years of experience in software programming, Mr. Jones hadn't used a word processing program __________.

Next you will read four choices. Choose the word or phrase that best fits into the blank.

A) prior
B) advanced
C) previous
D) before

Explanation 1:

The correct answer is D. The sentence requires an adverb.

Example 2:

The person who is taking the minutes will be seated __________ the chairman.

A) from
B) to
C) next
D) by

Explanation 2:

The correct answer is D."By" means the same as "near" or "beside".

Example 3:

The employees __________ about the closure before the announcement was made public.

A) know
B) known
C) knew
D) have known

Explanation 3:

The correct answer is C.The simple past tense is needed.

Example 4:

__________ it was a holiday, the doctor performed the emergency surgery on the heart patient.

A) During
B) Even
C) Although
D) So

Explanation 4:

The correct answer is C.

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