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Part VI: Text Completion

In Part VI you will read four passages of text, such as an article, a letter, a form and an e-mail. In each reading passage there will be three blanks to fill in. You will read four possible choices for each blank. You should read the entire passage to make sure you choose the correct choice in context.

Example 1: Letter

Sid's Stationery
2 Smythe St, Toronto, Canada M1B 5T6
Tel: (416) 295-1725

December 1st, 20--

Kerry Michaels
1 Stevens Rd.
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1E 4H7

Dear Ms. Michaels:

Holiday Sale

Seasons Greetings. As a _______ customer, we wanted you to be among the first to know about our upcoming holiday sale. All craft paper, specialty printer paper, and decorative envelopes will be reduced by 50% for the month of December.

(A) value
(B) valued
(C) valid
(D) validate

As per tradition at Sid's Stationery, we will be having a Christmas raffle. This year the grand prize is a 2-night stay for two at the Meridian Inn _______ Toronto Island. The winner will receive a free double occupancy stay in the penthouse suite as well as a free dinner on the moonlit patio.

(A) through
(B) on
(C) over
(D) at

Money from ticket sales will be _______ to The Family Foundation, a local organization that provides food and clothing to those who need it most this Christmas.

(A) purchased
(B) donated
(C) funded
(D) collected

We look forward to seeing you this Christmas season.

Yours truly,

Sid and Sandy Chester

Explanation 1:

  • Choice A is a noun.
  • Choice C is an adjective that does not fit logically in context. This letter is from a stationery store, so anyone can purchase items there. Something that is "valid" is allowed or permitted.
  • Choice D is a verb.

The correct answer is B. An adjective is necessary. A "valued customer" is one who shops somewhere often.

Explanation 2:

  • Choice A is a preposition that indicates going from one end to another. (I went through a tunnel.)
  • Choice C is a preposition used when one is passing something to reach another thing. (I went over the bridge.)
  • Choice D is a preposition used with times or specific venues. (I went at ten o'clock. We met at the mall.)

The correct answer is B. The preposition "on" is used with geographic places such as "island" or mountain.

Explanation 3:

  • Choices A and C are incorrect because you can't "purchase" or "fund" money.
  • Choice D is incorrect because "collected" is followed by the word "from" not "to".

The correct answer is B. "Donated" is the correct passive verb form used to describe money or items given to a good cause.

Example 2: Internal Memo



TO: Sales Staff
FROM: Management B.K.
DATE: OCTOBER 9th, 20--

Please be aware that there was a misprint in an advertisement for our store in this week's local free press. The ad states that on Saturday all men's formal footwear is on for 55% percent off rather _______ 15% off.

(A) that
(B) than
(C) then
(D) they're

If customers come in and ask about this sale, please _______ and explain the printing error. Offer them an additional 5% off coupon to thank them for coming into our store. The coupon can be given out even if the customer decides not to purchase any shoes.

(A) apologize
(B) compromise
(C) categorize
(D) analyze

Please call a manager to the sales floor _______ you encounter any customers who have the ad with them and demand to receive the 55% discount. These cases will be handled on an individual basis.

(A) because
(B) whether
(C) if
(D) before

Thank you.


Explanation 4:

  • Choices A, C, and D do not follow "rather" when a comparison between two things is being made.

The correct answer is B. The phrase "rather than" is used in a comparison.

Explanation 5:

  • Choice B does not fit in context. The verb means to agree to something in order to resolve a disagreement.
  • Choice C does not fit in context. The verb means to organize according to a certain system.
  • Choice D does not fit in context. The verb means to look into something in detail

The correct answer is A. The verb "apologize" means to say sorry.

Explanation 6:

  • Choice A is an incorrect conjunction that is used in a result clause. (I called the manager because the customer was angry.) The sale hasn't happened yet.
  • Choice B requires two things to occur. (Call the manager whether or not the customer complains.)
  • Choice D is illogical in context, because a salesperson wouldn't call the manager to help before the customer complained.

The correct answer is C. The word "if" is required to complete the conditional clause.

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