TOEIC Practice - Speaking

The speaking section of the TOEIC takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. You will be asked 11 speaking questions. Different types of speaking skills are evaluated including pronunciation, intonation, grammar, vocabulary, content, and cohesion.

Try the following speaking question examples. After you try to give your own response, listen to the recorded sample responses provided. Keep in mind that these are only examples. Your responses may be different.

Questions 1 and 2: Read Aloud

In Questions 1 and 2 you will be asked to read a piece of text out loud. You will be scored based on your pronunciation and intonation. Take a deep breath and try to read at a natural pace.

Preparation time: 45 seconds
Response time: 45 seconds

Example reading: A radio commercial

You don't need to spend all of your hard earned money on bakery bread. Making your own bread at home is easy with the new Double Duty Dough Mixer by Berring. Unlike other bread machines that can be difficult to clean and store, the Double Duty Dough Mixer breaks down into five parts that can go directly into your dishwasher. This stainless steel appliance will mix dough for you in a fraction of the time it takes to knead dough by hand. The automated delay feature at the beginning of the mix cycle gives your ingredients time to reach room temperature, ensuring that your breads will rise as high as bakery bread. We guarantee that the accompanying Berring Best Breads recipe book will be a family favourite.

Read the text out loud:

Listen to the sample response:

Question 3: Describe a Photo

In question 3 you will be asked to describe a picture. You need to provide as many details about the picture as you can in the time allowed. Describe the basic picture and then break down the details in a logical manner.

Preparation time: 30 seconds.
Response time: 45 Seconds

street scene
Describe the photo:

Sample response (transcript):
This is an image of a busy street in an Asian country. As well as bicycles there are motor vehicles on this street, so it is obviously a high traffic area. A few of the cyclists have bicycles attached to their baskets. This suggests that bicycles may be their primary source of transportation. From the architecture it appears to be a tourist or shopping district. There are two tall buildings in the distance, which is likely where the business district is located. There seems to be some confusion about direction of traffic flow. The cyclists are travelling on both sides of the centre line and are going in the same direction. The cars, on the other hand, are going two different ways.

Exam nerves can cause you to make silly speaking mistakes (for example "bicycles attached to their baskets" rather than "baskets attached to their bicycles"). The examiner is more concerned about clear speech. He or she will be looking for common errors, rather than nervous mistakes that are like typos. Use your 30 seconds to plan a descriptive answer with plenty of details. Practise with background noise.

Questions 4-6: Respond to Questions

In these questions you will be given a scenario and asked to answer three questions.

Preparation time: 0 seconds
Response time: 15 seconds for questions 4 and 5. 30 seconds for question 6.

Example Scenario:

A student training to be a teacher is applying for a job at the local library. Assist the student by answering her questions.

Question 4. Why do you want to work at the library?
Give an example answer:

Question 5. How will you balance working and studying?
Give an example answer:

Question 6. What will you do if we hire you and you don't end up liking the job?
Give an example answer:

Listen to the sample responses:




Example responses (transcripts):
4. I want to work at the library because I want to get some hands-on experience working with students. Also, I am very passionate about reading and I love the relaxing environment in libraries.

5. Balancing work and study time is important. I think it is a myth that students can't hold jobs. I study better when I have deadlines and time constraints. Unlike some other places where I could get a job, the library has reasonable hours. I can work on weekends and I won't have to work too late.

6. I am a dedicated employee and I will come to work even if I don't end up loving my job. I understand that it can takes months to feel comfortable in a new working environment. If I still have concerns about my job after a few months, I will ask for a meeting with a manager. Perhaps I would just need to try a different aspect of working in the library. Or maybe I'd need a little variety. For example, I might ask if I could read to children or help out with library programs. Finally, I would never leave a job without offering a two-week notice.

Questions 7-9: Respond to Questions (with provided information)

In these questions you will be given information to read. Then you will be asked to answer three questions related to the reading.

Preparation time: 0 seconds (the information will remain on the screen throughout)
Response time: 15 seconds for 7 and 8. 30 seconds for question 9.

Example information:
FREE Pet Grooming Training Session
Do you have a cat or a dog with a shaggy coat of fur? Would you like to learn how to groom your pet yourself? This weekend learn how to turn the anxiety of grooming into a bonding time for you and your pet. We will teach you how to:

Who are we?
Tammy and Mike Power are an animal loving couple who have volunteered their time for the protection of animals for more than 20 years. Their Chicago based pet spa Paws 4 U was voted #1 in the animal care category for Chicago's Best Small Businesses two years in a row. For more information on this event visit the Pet Workshop website at or call Tammy Power directly at 1-800-tam-mike. No registration required.
Special Request: Though this event is offered free of charge, the organizers ask that you bring a pet food (or monetary) donation for the local animal shelter. Examples of other types of donations can be found on the Pet Workshop website.

Listen to the prompt:

Question 7: What kind of experience do you have with animals?
Give an example answer:

Question 8: My dog's face never looks clean. Will there be any tips for dealing with this?
Give an example answer:

Question 9: Is there any sort of fee for taking your workshop?
Give an example answer:

Now listen to the sample responses:




Example responses (transcript):
7. My husband and I have volunteered our time for over 20 years working for the protection of animals. We also own a pet spa called Paws 4 U. I'm proud to say it was voted #1 small animal care business in Chicago for the past two years.

8. Yes, we will be showing our workshop participants how to shampoo and bathe their pets properly. We will also show you how to remove tear stains from your dog's face. I believe that is the problem you are referring to.

9. The workshop itself is free and we do not require registration. However, we do ask that participants bring a donation for the animal shelter. This could be pet food or money. There are some other ideas for donations on the Chicago Pet Workshop website. You can check them out at That's

Question 10: Propose a Solution

For this question you will listen to a problem and you will have to offer a solution.

Preparation time: 30 seconds (the information will remain on the screen throughout)
Response time: 60 seconds

Listen to the example problem:

Give an example solution:

Example problem (transcript):
Hi, this is Angelina Robinson. I'm calling from room 23 down the hall. We are a family of six, and there are only two small beds in this room. The man at the front desk said this was the only room available, and he must have assumed it was only for me and my husband. We can't possibly all fit on these two beds. We have two teenagers, a toddler and a baby. Are you sure there are no other rooms available? All of the other hotels in town are booked because of the marathon tomorrow. My husband is one of the competitors and he needs a good night's rest.

Example response (transcript):

Hi Angelina. I understand that the small room does not accommodate your family very well and I'm very sorry that we don't have any other rooms available at this time. We always recommend that guests book months in advance as this marathon attracts a lot of business from out of town. How about if I put you on our cancellation list and we call you if any of our larger rooms become available? In the meantime, we could bring you a cot for your baby as well as some extra pillows and sheets.

Question 11: Express an Opinion

For this question you will listen to a familiar issue and offer your opinion on it.

Preparation time: 15 seconds
Response time: 60 seconds

Example question 11:

Some people wish they could live in warm climates all year round. These places get very hot during certain months of the year. In fact, studies show that heat can lead to greater crime. Do you think that people in warm climates lead happier lives or not? State your opinion and provide reasons for your view.

Listen to the sample response:

Example response (transcript):
I think balance is the key to a happy life. This applies to everything, including the weather and climate. When it is sunny for too long, people head to the shade. But, if the sun hides for a few days, people flock to the beaches when it comes out. I think extreme weather can make people miserable, though. At least when it is too cold you can stay inside or dress in layers. When it is too hot the rain doesn't fall and crops don't grow. People go hungry and have difficulty keeping their family comfortable. Though we may wish for heat during a cold winter, we appreciate the summer days more when they finally come. So, as I mentioned, I think balance is the key to a happy life. And, I don't think there is any perfect climate out there.