LCCI English Language Qualifications

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Qualifications are recognised by a wide variety of educational institutions and commercial organisations around the world. They include a wide range of practical written and oral English language certificates oriented to the business world, including those shown below.

The language levels used may be aligned with the Common European Framework.

EFB (English for Business)
EFB is a written examination and is designed to test communication in business with tasks based on real business activities. This qualification is intended for candidates at all levels, from those with a basic understanding of English in a business context to those who have reached a high standard of productive English usage. There is an optional Oral Test available at all levels, which tests a candidate's speaking and listening skills by discussing a business-related topic.

SEFIC (Spoken English for Industry and Commerce)
SEFIC is designed to meet the spoken language requirements of business people today. These examinations are highly practical, one-to-one interviews that assess a candidate's ability to communicate in either a business or a work environment. The examinations are conducted through a combination of tasks, e.g. general conversation, role-play, listening and reading comprehension.

English for Tourism (EFT)
EFT is an award made up of a written component (Written English for Tourism - WEfT) and an oral component (Spoken English for Tourism - SEfT). The two components can be taken at either Level 1 or Level 2. Although written and oral examinations can be taken separately, candidates are recommended to take both parts where possible.

More information may be found on the official LCCI website.