Pearson Test of English

The language levels used in the PTE are aligned with the Common European Framework.

PTE Academic
An international computer-based academic English language test that measures test takers' language ability for universities, higher education institutions, government departments and other organizations requiring academic-level English. The test measures the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing ability of test takers who are non-native speakers of English and who want to study at institutions where English is the main language of instruction.

PTE General
Consist of two parts: a written paper and an oral test. The written paper tests listening, reading comprehension and writing skills and is marked by external examiners in the UK. The oral test is assessed by trained local examiners and is sent to the UK for moderation.

PTE Young Learners
Designed to be interesting and fun for children and to make a child’s first experience of learning English, memorable and motivating. Children are tested on their ability to use structures and functions in realistic contexts; and on their ability to use language to carry out specific communicative tasks.

More information may be found on the Pearson Test of English website.