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by alrabiay
Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:12 am
Forum: Help Each Other with English
Topic: Personal grammar problem
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Re: Personal grammar problem

Dear Writerone

There are many ways to learn English grammar. Just do some efforts by searching for good books or youtube videos for you. There is no best book or video. just pick the one suitable for your level and mother language.

Best of luck
by alrabiay
Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:45 am
Forum: Talking Point Discussion
Topic: Are exams a waste of time?
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Re: Are exams a waste of time?

I think the problem is not with exams. In fact, the problem is with the professors or teachers who prepare the exams. There are some of those professors or teachers who make difficult questions that do not reflect what he or she presented in class. Some of those instructors, their main objective fro...