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My Story with English !!! Less than 6 months

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My Story with English !!! Less than 6 months

Post by hachmoune » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:47 pm

:shock: Are 6 months enough to improve your English?

This question I hear it a lot of time, and I read a lot of topic about it and a saw many English Learners try to improve their English skills in a few months, they actually make a good improvement, especially if they worked hard in their spoken skill.

Me too make good improvement even in 3 months but I worked hard every day between 2 to 3 hours, and in the last 10 days of those 3 months, I worked 4 hours a day and I focus on reading and speaking skills.

There are a lot of Materials I was using such as reading one article more than 20 times and after repeat it, I record myself several times, and I compared between each record, and I try to improve the next time.

Actually, I record my voice in reading 10 times or more, and I read slowly with good pronunciation, and I do that with every paragraph in the text or the article that I read, Of course, I choose an article in a topic that I love and interesting.

After that, I read a book, I read every day "One Chapter", and I repeat it 3 times if the chapter was long, or more than 3 times if the chapter was short.

Of course, I read the book with a loud voice, and slow rhythm, and as the English people said "Don't put all your eggs in one basket",

I do not read-only, but I try to summarize what I read without seeing the script or the text that I read from it, and I do the same thing with the chapters.

But the reading is not enough if anyone wants to speak and improve speaking skills, you should speak also, and speaking is the most important and hard skill in any language because the main goal of learning a new language is to speak that language.

I joined an online classroom, and I start to speak with many beginners in English, first of the time, I was frustrated and embarrassed, as you know guys you got have the courage if you want to achieve something, and this is what I did.

I start with -you know- learn from teachers and answer a couple of questions, even simple questions I used to answer them with a whole sentence like:

Where is the Director? (for example).

I do not answer "He is in the office" but I answer "The director working in his office" and so on.

So, this what I think should anyone focus on If he wants to improve English, and I said Improve because I already have a good listening skill and I understand a lot of things, but speaking in those situations is the problem.

However, for right now I'm doing well, and try to stay motivated, and keep moving until I become fluent.

Thanks, Guys and I wish the best for you.

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