Universities Turned into Fighting Field in Hong Kong

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Universities Turned into Fighting Field in Hong Kong

Post by SitangCampus » Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:12 am

Nobody knows what really happened to Hong Kong people, especially those young people, most of whom are college students.
They set fire on school properties in their campuses and blocked the police into the schools.
Some of them even threw bricks they pried from the roadside into an ambulance. Such a crazy act is even more evil than what Hitler and ISIS had done in the war crime, because at that time facilities with red cross on them were not the target for both sides in a fight.
Local police were under attack too, they were shot with arrows which were believed to be shot by the college archery athletes.
Students of Taiwan and Chinese mainland who study in Hong Kong have all withdrawn from the chaos, because they have realized that it is very dangerous to stay there, they might learn something very useful but it would become nothing once their lives were lost.
It is very disaapointing to see a very nice place like Hong KOng turned into a big trouble and risky place in the world. I remeber the same with Dhaka University of Bangladesh, which once was known as Oxford in Asia, due to the student strife in the campus, became a campus of hate and fight and now is nothing worth mentioning.

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