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Postby pinas » Mon Sep 20, 2004 12:31 pm

Lilian wrote:
pinas wrote:
Lilian wrote:ok, i am trying to share my problem.

i am having a terrible mood swing. sometimes i am really happy, sometimes i feel blue. so, need some advice on it...

well, i'm moody as well and that is by nature...sometimes i really cannot control it anymore but as long as no one gets affected by that it is fine..because not everyone can put up with that kind of behavior. and if anyone would be affected, just explain it to them understand yourself and you always will but we can never expect others to do the same. and if you'rwe feeling happy or sad, try to find out what factor makes you feel such...if there is nothing in particular since you often feel like that, just get used to it and don't take anything seriously..if you know you are having a bad mood, try to stay away from other people first and be will allow you to think and relax...
i hope this could help you...
good luck...

thz pinas...ur very pretty..:)

yah, i will try to do that....

:) hey thanks
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