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Post by amjenny » Sat Oct 30, 2004 10:56 am

Dear friend,
I am a college student of China, now I have to do a survey about foreign festival . If you have time and are interested in it, please join me and answer the questions belowe in detail.
In China, the Spring Festival is the most important day of a year. Family members usually get together and children could get some pocket money .
What are the important festivals in your country and which is the grandest one?
What’s your favarite festival and why?
Are there any particular food or activities ?
How do you usually celebrate your festival ? trip or party or something else?
Do you know something about Chinese Festival, such as the Spring Festival, Mid Autumn Day, Dragon Boat Festival and so on.

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Post by daimy » Mon Nov 01, 2004 12:44 am

:lol: I am from Ho Chi Minh city,Vietnam, a country have the same manners and customs as China
The largest festival in Vietnam is TET , it is on January 1 of the lunar calendar, Vietnamese employee are on Tet holidays three days from December 30 to January 2 in the lunar calendar
On the end day of the year, almost members in family get together and have large dinner with many Vietnamese traditional dishes such as gio heo ham mang (stewed pig’s feet and bamboo shoot ), thit kho tau ( half fat and half lean meat braise with Vietnamese fish sauce )….after that people prepare to have a New Year’s Eve, the most important event of the year, everybody nearly don’t go to sleep. When the clock sounds twelve beats, fireworks are let off, at the same time Vietnamese families offer Vietnamese traditional dry preserved fruits, called “ mut” ( many fruits such as coconut, squash, lotus seeds …..are simmered with sugar until they are dry) to dead ancestors and a tray of five kinds of fruits including custard – apple, coconut, papaw, mango,fig and watermelon can not lack in ancestral altar after that many people go to pagoda
On January 1 , people get up early and put on the most beautiful clothes and have breakfast with Vietnamese traditional dishes such as banh tet( Southern people ) banh chung ( Northern people ), after that all members in family stand round grandparents and parents to wish a Happy new year and receive lucky money, then people visit relatives

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Post by hope4422 » Sat Nov 20, 2004 6:21 pm

Iam from Oman
we have two festivals
Muscat festival and Khareef festival
my best id Muscat
for my bad luck i do not attend one of them but i hear about them in the TV and some friends.
Muscat festival is the best because it has some cloums for traditional aspects like handmade things or traditional clothes
and it fulfilled all interrests
we do not celebare it it is just as an event sometimes my brother would take my sisters there to enjoy thier time
sorry but i do not know anything about China festival

i hope I help you
tell me more about your study
hope is life

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