platonic friends

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Do you think, that girls and boys can be platonic friends?

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Re: platonic friends

Postby Klaudyna » Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:39 pm

I think that girls and boys can't be platonic friends because we live in a time in which friendship between men and women often is impossible. Although  they try to be just a friends ultimately they fall in love to each other. What is more in my point of view in this kind of friendship often one of them is jealous of his/her friend when he/she finally finds a boyfriend or girlfriend what leads to the meltdown of the whole friendship.

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Re: platonic friends

Postby tomnew » Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:09 am

Yes but very rare. Usually boy tend to fall to the girl or vice versa.

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Re: platonic friends

Postby sirenita » Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:54 pm

I think friends should not be platonic; because the loves are what are platonic; for then to be platonic friendship and we would be good friends but there is a feeling of love that would change his friendship

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