The importance of Media in our life?

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The importance of Media in our life?

Post by abderrahim » Sun May 27, 2012 3:36 pm


No one can deny the imprtance of Media in our life let us exchange our ideas concerning this topic and try to answer the following questions :

1_what is Media .?
2_what roles does Media play in our life ?
3_how can we deal with information that Media provide us with ,?

we hope for enrichable disscussions ...

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Re: The importance of Media in our life?

Post by bossoms » Wed May 30, 2012 10:18 pm

both media means either visual or hearded are considered to be essential in educating us and in providing information. By listening, for instance to the news, you would learn and know what happen around your area. the majority of people abuse using these means of commuication.

Nice thread, thanks,
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