Learning English Through Media

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Learning English Through Media

Post by tmarcoli » Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:02 am

Hello English learners! :)

How are you all doing? My name is Tachaya. I am conducting a research on the role of media in helping learners pick up English. I have designed a questionnaire and would like to ask for your cooperation by simply answering the questions below and either send your answers to my Email (tacha.athite @ gmail.com) or post them here on the forum. Note that you do not need to provide your real name. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks a million for your cooperation. I truly appreciate it.



General Information
1. Nationality:
2. Age:
3. Native Language:
4. Education Level:
5. Occupation:

Background of Formal English Education
(Note: "Formal" as in taking classes either in school/ institute/ language school or tutorial school)
1.) How many years have you had formal English education?

2.) Are you still studying English at the moment?
a. If yes, how many hours per week do you take English lessons?
b. If no, how long have you not been studying English formally?

3.) What is your main motivation to study English? (Choose only 1 of the following)
a. to be able to communicate with foreigners.
b. to get good grades in exams.
c. to get a higher salary, a good job or a job in an international company.
d. to be able to understand media (books, movies, internet articles, songs, etc.) in English.
e. just for the fun of learning it.

4.) Have you ever been to an English-speaking country? If yes, answer the following questions.
a. What country did you visit?
b. What was your purpose?
1. tourism
2. studying
3. visiting someone
4. working/ attending conference/seminar/meeting etc.
5. others
c. How long did you stay in that country?
d. Did you use English significantly during your stay?

Learning English through Media
1.) How many hours per week do you spend doing each of the following in English;
a. ____ Watch movies/ soap operas/ television shows/ youtube clips with subtitles in your native language
b. ____ Watch movies/ soap operas/ television shows/ youtube clips without subtitles
c. ____ Listen to music.
d. ____ Sing.
e. ____ Browse or participate in Internet forums/ social networks.
f. ____ Play video games or computer games.
g. ____ Read books other than English textbook/ magazines/ newspapers/ online articles.
h. ____ Video chatting with English native speakers.
i. ____ Chat with native speakers on the Internet.
j. ____ Correspond with native speakers via Email or regular mail.

2.) Look at the following words/ phrases and mark "0" if you have never seen or heard it,
"1" if you have seen or heard it but don't know the meaning, and "2" if you know the meaning
and "3" if you know the meaning and have used it yourself before.

___ 1. spontaneous
___ 2. precarious
___ 3. transient
___ 4. auspicious
___ 5. ostensible
___ 6. impetuous
___ 7. alleviate
___ 8. commodity
___ 9. notorious
___ 10. captivate
___ 11. volatile
___ 12. quotidian
___ 13. aftermath
___ 14. nuptial
___ 15. coerce
___ 16. cumulative
___ 17. accentuate
___ 18. precipitate
___ 19. poignant
___ 20. daunt
___ 21. paradigm
___ 22. ingenuous
___ 23. converge
___ 24. detrimental
___ 25. invincible
___ 26. proximity
___ 27. discrepancy
___ 28. scrutiny
___ 29. resilient
___ 30. obstinate

___ 1. to play by ear
___ 2. to lose one's cool
___ 3. to drive someone nuts
___ 4. to speak for itself
___ 5. to work one's tail off
___ 6. to put on a brave face
___ 7. once and for all
___ 8. twenty four seven
___ 9. to screw up
___ 10. the real deal
___ 11. no-brainer
___ 12. to hit the road
___ 13. to be behind bars
___ 14. to freak out
___ 15. to give someone a break
___ 16. to be knocked up
___ 17. to be laid-back
___ 18. to leave someone in limbo
___ 19. make-believe
___ 20. on again off again
___ 21. to be up for grabs
___ 22. to wrap up
___ 23. right up one's alley
___ 24. to be out of one's elements
___ 25. to go out of one's way
___ 26. to call it a day
___ 27. to hit the sack
___ 28. through thick and thin
___ 29. to be on the go
___ 30. to get on one's nerves

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Re: Learning English Through Media

Post by noure » Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:07 am

hi {-: i am noure
i am from Algeria 20years old,my lag is Arabic. i am a university student.
my answers are as follow:
still,4 hours by week.
For fun
never visit a native country
1)a:2,3 hours
c:the whole week
d:the same as (c)
e:1,2 hours
g:5,3 hours
that'all ,i think it is too late for these answers
i hope tha you can help me

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