an English Learning Game Name???!

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an English Learning Game Name???!

Post by prsoroush » Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:45 am

Hello Guys...
i've been wondering about a particular english learning game for a while now...
all i can remember is that well there was a picture of 2 or more words in some particular positions and situations, and we had to guess what the picture was trying to say!
Sommmmmmething like this:


Meaning: I'm Underwater

======== THINK

Meaning: Think outside the box

or maybe this:

Meaning: Downtown

this kind of pictures had a name of course,... but i have serious trouble remembering it.... and i really gotta find that name :(
so what's the name of this game? the game that you try to guess what the picture is trying to say( which was kinda a game in our english class ^^ )
i appreciate any helps :) BEST Regards. (btw sry for bad english...)

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