What did she say?

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What did she say?

Post by GMCzech » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:15 am

So... I have been in London for about 3 days. This morning I have been wandering around, checking my phone for directions when a woman started shouting behind me. I did not pay much attention at first because I thought there was no reason for someone shouting at me. I have turned around after the fourth time or so, to see this youngish lady with a bald young guy (who was approaching me now in a faster pace). I have troubles understanding English and London accent sometimes, but the lady now shouted “Are you waiting for a prize?” or something like that.

It did not seem like anything I would like ;-) So now when I talked my way out of it, what did she want with me? I am curious whether she offered me s*x services or drugs. I am interested in neither, by the way.

Thanks! :mrgreen:

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Re: What did she say?

Post by DFJames » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:39 pm

Hello GMCzech:

It seems the person was being sarcastic, perhaps because you were standing in one place for some time which may have irritated these people for some reason. A more polite question would have been: "Are you waiting for someone?"

You might get a similar response if you start staring at someone. They may get irritated and say: "Do you want a photograph?"
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