British history

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British history

Post by glebstone » Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:56 pm

Hello. I'm working on an interesting project. The research question is: What are the three most outstanding events in the history of Great Britain?

(write a letter of the correct answer)

1. Who established the city of Londonium?
a) Romans b) Italians c) the Vikings c) Prussians
2) When was released The Roman Conquest of Britain?
a) in 57 AD b) in 43 AD c) in 993 AD d) in 1101
3) Who started the Roman Conquest of Britain?
a) the Druids b) the Emperor Claudius c) Emperor Boniface d) Napoleon Bonaparte
4) What did one British chieftain of the Catuvallauni tribe, known as Caractacus do?
a) escaped to Denmark b) became a ruler of the Roman empire c) his army defeat thousands of Romans d) stirred up some resistance

5) Who took the throne (1685-1688) in England before the Glorious Revolution of 1688 started?
a) Edgar the Peaceful b) Alfred the Great c) King James IId) George V
6) Who was William of Orange?
a) king of France b) Napoleon's friend c) one of Scottish MPs d) one of Dutch stadholders
7) What was reached with the revolution?
a) Parliament's power increased, monarchy's influence has become weak b) British parliament was dissolved c) no alcohol law d) monarchy dominated in the country
8) What was one of the reasons of the Glorious Revolution?
a) starvation b) a lot of people wanted to become monarchs c) people couldn't fly to another country d) significant friction between the monarchy and the British Parliament

9) When was the Act of Union proclaimed?
a) 1500 b) 592 c) 1892 d) 1707
10) Union of which states was concluded?
a) Spain and England b) England and Portugal c) England and Scotland d) England and France
11) What is the benefit for Scotland in concluding an union?
a) Scotland could colonise England b) Scotland depended on English soldiers c) strengthen the financial position of Scotland
12) How today is the united state of Scotland and England called?
a) the United Kingdom b) European empire c) Roman empire d) the Russian federation

13) When was the Slave Trade Act proclaimed?
a) 1711 b) 79AD c) 1807 d) 1990
14) What did the campaign do to reach the demanded abolition?
a)gave lectures b)was plotting propaganda c)staged a riot d) started to kill people
15) Which problem did the campaign face?
a) noone took part in the campaign b) they hadn't got enough money c) powerful economic interests of the day opposed them d) the government was going to eliminate the campaign
16) What did campaign want to reach?
a) to ban the slavery around the world b) to ban British ships from taking part in the trade c) to ban the slave trade in Europe

17) When did the Battle of Waterloo occur ?
a) 1815 b) 589 c) 1675 d) 1378
18) Who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Waterloo?
a) Henry V b) Wellington (Arthur Wellesley) c)Sir Arthur
19) Waterloo is the small ??? village.
a) English b) Belgium c) French d) Denmark
20) What was reached with the Battle of Waterloo?
a) Napoleon retreated b) Napoleonic wars started c) Napoleonic wars ended d) the territory of the Great Britain increased

21) Who was the initiator of Brexit (a person)?
a) Tony Blair b) Theresa May c) Bill Clinton d) Nelson Mandela
22) What is the time limit for a deal with the EU?
a) 4 month b) 1 year c) 2 years d) 3 years and 3 month
23) In which month this year the Great Britain had to leave the EU?
a) July b) March c) October d) April
24) What was the result of the referendum in 2016 about Brexit? The idea of leaving the EU won:
a) 71.55% to 28.45% b) 83.68% to 16.32 % c) 51,9% to 48,1% b) 66.39% to 33.61%

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Re: British history

Post by Firefox » Sat May 04, 2019 1:03 am

1 a (Londinium, not Londonium)

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