prediction activity ??

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prediction activity ??

Post by azzaelbashir » Wed Apr 15, 2020 11:28 am

What prediction activity would you do? (so how will you get students predicting the text before they read it?)
What reading for specific information activity would you give to students?

Article text

The United Kingdom, a place where people drink copious amounts of tea and discuss the weather at every opportunity. A place where 'raining cats and dogs' can be heard most days and where queueing is almost classed as a national sport.

Many people see the UK as a place full of beer, football and awful weather. A place where people eat fish and chips every night, roast dinners on Sundays and not much else. A place where people spend all their free time in the pub, but are always at home in the afternoon to have traditional afternoon tea. A place where the most important words in the English language are please, thank you ,sorry and excuse me, these words are repeated a hundred times or more in just one morning!

And finally, a place full of eccentrics, strange people who like to take part in activities such as cheese rolling, bog snorkelling and welly wanging.

Word count: 100 words (50 for each question)

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