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Shandong, Shame

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:27 pm
by SitangCampus
Of late, there are widespread name changings across the US caused by the Black Lives Matter campaign. Some ask to change the name of Yale University because the founder of the college is a slave trader.

China's first self-made aircraft carrier is named Shandong, the home province of the ancient Chinese educator and philosopher Confucius, but as we know, this province has made scandals in education one after another in which about 300 students are replaced secretly by other students with worse performance in enrolment or admission into good colleges through illegal means and there is the sexual harrassment of a lawyer that we can accpet peacefully. The female film star Fan Bingbing who evades paying huge amount of tax of 800 million yuan (about 200 million US dollars) is also from this province. So it is a shame to use the name of this province to name a warship of the Chinese navy. China image will be ruined by this trash province.