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Re: something about the food

Post by francine » Thu Oct 28, 2004 1:56 pm

flora_3041 wrote:
hello,everyone,I am a cinese girl.this is my first time to use it.I am interested in the western food so I want to ask several questions.
coffee,tea,coco,which do you like best?
have you ever eaten the dumpling?how do you think of it?
would you introduce some other food to me?
the western food and the eastern food,which do you like best?
thank you for answering my question!!,my English is not well,if there are some mistakein my grammer,plaese forgive me!thanks!
hi there flora! :wink: here are my answers:
1. tea
2. yes. but i've only eaten dumpling once and at first, the taste is fine, but when i was about to finish it, the taste becomes yucky. sorry... :roll: may be the chef who cooked it is not an expert when it comes to dumplings.
3. how about some Filipino food? or Filipino dish. hehehe.... :wink:
4. western food or oriental food? hhhmmmm.. let's see. i like them both... it may depend on the dish. i prefer japanese food among all oriental foods. next is korean, then least is chinese.
western food is so common here in the Philippines--we get to eat 'em almost everyday of our lives.

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