It's about my family

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It's about my family

Post by yasnie » Sat Jun 21, 2003 4:36 am


It's all about my family. I have a father. He is very good father. He was born in Alabio (a small village) in this province, 19th on March 1958. Of course, he is handsome and I always proud of him. Actually, he is a work harder and a busy man. Because he is an employee at the "Religion Department". He's job is serving the people who want to doing hajji or pilgrim into Mecca by giving them the explanation about anything in hajji or pilgrim. Beside an employee, he is a reciter of the Quran too and he has ability to give a talk in religious recitation or to recite the holy Quran.
Almost everyday, he always busies. Nevertheless, my father always has time for his family although it just a little bit, I mean not all the time. And then, I want to tell you about my mother. She is a housewife and she is pretty. She is the best food maker in the world, that's in my opinion. Don't get any protest, okay? Cause that's what my tongue said to me. Everyday she always gives me some advice and never forgets to give a comment to my behavior in all day.
I have two younger sisters and one younger brother. So, I'm the oldest. And my two younger sisters, they are; "Aida Fitria and Risma Noor Ikrima". I love both of them; Aida Fitria's age is 18 years old. So, I'm one year older than her. She wears veil like I do. Now, she studies at LP3i Banjarmasin. Sometimes everybody always said that Aida is my older sister. I don't know exactly…may be they looked at my childish behavior but I don't think so. And then, Risma Noor Ikrima. Her nickname is Ikrima. She is my cute pretty little younger sister. All the members in my family love her so much. Every time she always makes all of us happy especially with me. Because when I feel bore or sad, only her can makes me laugh and forget about my problem although just for a moment.
And next, my younger brother. His name is Riza Nasrullah. His age is 12 years old. Everyday he always makes a trouble even a big trouble. Always and always. And sometimes if all of us not allow his wish, he will cry and cry so that my father will allow him to buy something or anything that he wants and of course with my father's money. He is very naughty, and sometimes I hate him so…much. Because he always disturb me with the different method. It will happen when I sleep, learn and else. I really hate that. But, I'm conscious that he just wants to find a friend at home and may be he wants me to play something with him. One day, he asks me to play football with him. And of course, I can't play football. It's difficult for me to do that, but at least I try to play football too. Yeah…I know it's ridiculous but I love him too because only him a young boy in my family. :P
But, it's okay that's just a little bit about my family. And I guess all of you can imagine inside of my family. I'll always keep my family, because My family is my life. :wink:
Everybody in the world, I always try to make a friendship...I'm Yasnie please replay me

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Post by piorn » Mon Jul 07, 2003 7:03 am

:D u have a good family

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Good family

Post by Lac » Wed Jul 23, 2003 2:01 am

i get through your story of your family. It's really a good place you have been brought up and grown up. Definitely, when you are young, you view verything going well in all aspects because you are always living in mutual protection and help among members of your own family.
When you are grown-up, everything probably changes. Getting married and living independently are causes leading up to lots of changes in your mind and thought. The problem is perhaps what we have been acquiring from our family. A good family is usually synonymous with one that has sodid foundation in terms of education and other expedient qualifications. We cant live in our home forever, yet we surely apparently inherit from that whatever characteristics neccessary for our life when encountering with the society.
My own family didnt get what you have. I have nothing to be proud of that because of its total ordinariness. My parents and brothers got nothing special in life. But i may get from my family is how to live independently:if you do something, you take full responsibilty for whatever you've done, and no one will protect you...It seems that a little cruel yet also useful to yourself following midshaps that you were likely to be caught.
Anyway, you are enjoying a real love from brothers/sisters/parents.
Some of leaders throughout the world often inherit from their family of good education. I dont think you would be a well-known leader in future, but i surely you are on the way to become good citizens in your society. And it is one of many basic requirements from any education.

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Post by chrysanthemum » Tue Aug 12, 2003 1:54 pm

"...My family is my life" You are correct. What happy family you have!!!

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