an innocent girl

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an innocent girl

Post by harriet » Sun Jun 29, 2003 5:58 am

:roll: here i have to tell you a true story about one of my friends, the title says,she`s a really nice and simple-hearted girl.Anyone will love her at first i just mean the friendship.but things don`t always go the way we like.
about one year ago ,she joined the English club.(in our school,everyone need to join some specific`s amost like a hobby group) as she is a girl who loves English very much,gradually she became the manager of the club.of course,we were all very happy for her.but who knows what will happen after that?the guide teacher fell in love with,that`s too out of our expectation.we were stuck and didn`t konw what to say.what makes us angry is that the teacher seems not to be very serious.we advised Marina to be careful.but she didn`t listen to us at all.
they shared some romantic moments with each other and even got kissed.we think that maybe we are wrong and they will be together forever.Sadly,one year later,the man want to break up with Marina.she asked him the reason for that.eventually ,he said,"well,so far,i has been with you for a long time.maybe anyone will think that we will keep the relationship till to get tell the truth, i didn`t love you at first. i wanted to stay with you just because i broke up with my ex-girlfriend at that time and you appeared by my side.then i began to love you .but now i don`t think we should be lovers any more.we are not very matchable."she ran away as quickly as she could.she was too sad because she loved him so much .he really hurts her.till now we can still see her broken one will cure her wound untill one day...........
Please tell me your imagination of this story`s ending.Or you can tell me about your feeling after reading this true story.

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the girl's story love

Post by Lac » Thu Jul 17, 2003 3:41 am

Hello harriet,
Your real love story is quite common in everywhere. Such hasty loves definitely lead to unintentional results whose mental losses belonging to the girl herself. No one refuses proper relations beween mature couples because it's a natural demand to love and to be loved. Generally speaking, the woman badly wants it than man does because they are always in want of being cared and fondled.
I've heard such stories quite a while in my HochiMinh city. Almost each weekly magazine talks about unfortunate break-ups between couples like your story.
Of course, there are lots of explainatons about that, and each one views by its own aspect. To me, the key issue is probably how the girl didnot have get more time for more deep understading to her lover. Time is very indispensible for surveying (understanding) to see how the love would tilt towards which side in favour of one in both.
A deliberate girl before making acquaintance with some boy,esp an old guy, must know at least the rule of friendship: you must know his status, family etc... And the most important is you have to bring the man you know to your parents and old brothers,sisters for more advices. I dont think parents dont have enough wisdom to give you useful suggestions.
I am not surprised at the attitude of the guy quitting his close girlfriend. We have no reasons to blame him. The matter is the girl should be cautious by deeply understanding her lover.
Fortunately,the end of the story is not so sad because the girl didn't lose herself. Time will help her heal broken-heart. Nothing worries at all.

Bye bye


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Everything will be fine!

Post by Emma » Sat Sep 20, 2003 9:08 am

:) Of course, I feel sorry for the girl! However, it's not bad to break up with someone who doesn't love you! I don't want to say it's the girl's fault, because it's very easy for a girl lacking life experience to fall in love with her male teacher who has higher education and more social experience, especially when he is goodlooking. But whoever he is, if he doesn't love you any more, don't feel hesitated to leave him. They won't love you, or even pity you more if you still try to stay. Many women had this kind of romance experience when they were younger, but I don't this kind of experience will do bad to them. They would grow up and become more experienced through failures of all sorts, including failure in love.

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Post by Kenan » Fri Sep 26, 2003 9:25 am

hi, after i read this story , the first sense was :it is unfair to your friends. Cause no pains ,no gains. your friend had ensured her love to her teacher, and at that time , he let her be side .
that means he should take care of her, and show his love to her. But after i read the followings , i fond that it was not all right of this girl. She should make sure that the one who she love loves her. Be more careful next time.

And everyone knows that time will brush out your pains ,and will bring you the new world , and at the same time i hope the girl could break fresh world for herself.

After all , not all guys are bad boy.

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Post by Guest » Fri Oct 10, 2003 6:23 pm

This teacher is very ugly. But the girl should feel fortunate, because she is far away from a badman. Next time when she meet a lover. she should be sane and cool.[/quote][/code]

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Post by yara » Fri Oct 17, 2003 12:51 pm


Iam very sorry for her
But if we take it in another side , we well see it's was her mestake because she bleaved in a man she did not sure about his feeling , to make agood relationshep can be real and indding with get marrid , you have to take a good idea veru carfully and slowly , not to be inlove with a man don n't care about you just because hi is very nice and gentle...

However, she well forget hem very soon and find another person who realy mad about her enogh to get marreid and be together forever..


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innocent are innocent

Post by javedmuslim » Mon Oct 20, 2003 9:23 am

As the subject specify that the girl was innocent, innocent always suffer in short term,but they are rewarded after the long term. If you are innocent by nature then it is your genetic ordering and you are only able to some extent to change your characteristic qualities. Therefor i can say that she was innocent and no body has the right to exploit the week point of any body or missused it.

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first entry

Post by udayakumar » Tue Oct 21, 2003 4:30 am

hi everybody,
my name is udayakumar, i am 19yrs old my hometown is chennai in TAmil Nadu, (India)
i was entry for your english club
so you'll add for me and enjoy!
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please help me every body
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Post by Guest » Thu May 20, 2004 5:49 am

I think it shouldn't be the girl's fault.AS lacking in social experience,the one may can't see clearly about her feelings expecially the feeling of love.what love is ?is it a real love?would it be a pity if i pass it by ? It is a wonderful feeling when someone be thoughtful to you .some feelings are so hard to define expecially there is a deceivation.
but as a friend said,no pain ,no gain.experience are from failure.
a pity or a pain ?which would you choose?[quote][/quote]

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Re: an innocent girl

Post by RedRose » Fri May 28, 2004 4:12 am

[quote="harriet"]:roll: here i have to tell you a true story about one of my friends,Marina.

hi,shanghai's girl,at first,please pardon me for my sincerity.

ok,I don't think that this is your friend's story,it is YOUR story,I guess.

anyway, although this story is kinda sad, but I think it is necessary or certain for us to undergo some displeasing experiences like that,and it is beneficial for our growths. From these bitter experiences, we can learn what we want and what we should do, in addition, we can do our best to identify who is nice or evil.

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