story which i wrote to tell human behaviours

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story which i wrote to tell human behaviours

Post by yaprak » Tue Jul 29, 2003 6:49 pm

In 1863, a young girl called Drusella lived in a town in England. She was proud and beutiful. She had dark straight hair and blue eyes like oceans. She was always smiling and helping the people when they need. She cared everybody that's why everybody liked her. Her familiy's house had a big garden. Sometimes Dru and her friends had picnics or played games together there. She liked to read her books under the trees. There were some beautiful trees in the garden but one was Dru's special.
Dru's tree was taller than other trees.It had long brown branches and big green leaves. Dru watched the birds and was listening to the wind in her tree. She felt free and safetly in her tree. But there wasn't any flower on the tree.
Dru's father was a factorier. He had also farms. He had creals sowed. He lost his wife when Dru was six. His health was getting worse. He wanted to marry his daughter with a clever and kind person. He wished to her life will be safety and happy. He would leave his inheritance to his groom. Her daughter lover Thomas Quentin will be the best he thougth. Dru's father thougth with his passions and personality Tom, looked like Apollon ,the god of the sun. He had light brown hair and moss eyes. He heated the people's heart who he loved but burned his enemies too. Tom was Dru's father assistant and had all specialities which Dru's father wanted.
Drusella and Thomas falled in love eachother. They were wonderful couple on that town Drusella had lovely dreams about their future. She always told her tree. The tree was listening to her with no flowers on it's branches.
One day, Thomas distingunished something gone wrong on factories account. It looked the factory spent more than money that earns. He decided someone fond their bank codes. Tom told Dru about those accounts. She and he were working on this account along the month. They learned someone bought some products by their money and tried to use their farms. Tom found the day of transfer. Police, Dru and Tom went to the transfer place. Puchasers were the member of Blue Hand which were drug dealers on England. But they didnt talk about the person who sold them drugs.
Drusella saw the cape on one of the dealer. It was huge dark blue cape which was too big to him. She asked when he bought it. The dealer answered the question. Everybody tought Dru was crazy. But Dru solved the problem. She was attentive girl and she knew what happened on this town. The time when the drug dealer bought the cape was the same when Senyor Mr. Crawn lost his cape. His cape was blue too.
Dru put Tom's hand. They went to Senyor Crawn's house. His maid opened the door. Senyor Crawn was prepareing to go out side. Dru asked him to where his cape was. He said them to gave it one of his friend. She asked what time it happened. Crawn understood somethig gone wrong. Tom told him to understood his plan. Senyor's eyes were getting big. He was sweating. He turned to his desk opened the drawer. When he turned again to them he had a gun on his hand. He was very angry to Tom. Dru hit him with a wooden chair. He dropped his gun. Then Tom punched him. They were fighting on the floor. Crawn was huge and strong man. He had black moustache and small eyes. He took his knife from his belt and put it on Thomas neck. Dru saw the gun under the desk. She had to stop Crawn and she decided to take the gun and....
The following day on the town newspapers wrote the story about a girl ,who was on jail, killed a man member of Blue Hand. Mr. and Mrs. Crawn's maid told lie on the court. Mrs. Crawn's lawyer convinced the judge of being guilty. The judge punished her to stay two years in jail.
Dru's father died when she was in jail. She couldn't see him before he died. Under her deep sorrow her consolation were her dreams. She promised her father to marry with Tom. She made him factory inheritancer. She killed a man to protect her lover. She never regret her behaviours. Because he said "You are my star to bright my way, I love you forever!". After two years she wanted to run away to her lovers arms. He had earned money. When she came, their beautiful home will be raedy. There will no crime and sadness on their house. She wanted a lot of kids from him. When the kids will played on the garden she would be reading her books under the her tree. This dream made her strong all those cold, dark and lonely days in cell.
After two years, She went to her home like winds. She felt like birds on the sky; Free and happy. She looked the garden to saw her tree. When she fondled it leaves she saw a beautiful purple flower on branch. This flower represent her emotions. She walked away to house. She knocked the door. A pregnant woman opened the door. She had light brown hair and brown eyes on her tiny face. "I'm looking Mr. Quentin" Dru said. "He is in kitchen now, are you his friend aren't you? I'm Mrs. Quentin please come in!" the woman said. When she finished her speech Tom was comming to look who was in front of the door. "Drusella! I can tell..." he screamed. "There is nothing to tell me. Mrs. Qouentin, I hope you will have great life good evening!" Dru said to secret her heart beated. She turned and went away from emptiness life. First time her tears got wet her pink cheeks.
"You have to tell me what happened between you and that woman. But firstly look at that tree! I have never seen to bloom this tree. Could you please give it to me Thomas?" Mrs. Quentin said. Thomas went to the tree. When he touch the flower all leaves of the tree started to fell out on the grass ; like Drusella's dreams....

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the story

Post by Lac » Tue Aug 26, 2003 2:47 am

your story extracted from somewhere is so long that i am unable to follow it carefully. But before reading the story, i understand that it certanly has an unhappy ending. And it's true.
It seems no one being surprised at your story that was narrated in details. Love between couples always firstly sound romantic, lovely. It is certainly so because it is for sure a solid foundation in which more deep relations will be rooted or grounded. Romantic love are both risky and appealing since you cannot grasp immediately its indispensabel consequences. In HochiMinh city(south VN) , there are vey young girls about 15 or more coming to the maternity hospital for abortion. The weekly statistic shows the number of such girls seems increasing. Many educatonists deeply worried about immature relations among shoolboys and shoolgirls at high school.
Your story is a helpful one in giving lessons neccesary for any one who dont want to be involved in risky acquaintance resulting from superficial and cursory understanding.

Thank you for the story


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how to say ???

Post by Kenan » Fri Sep 26, 2003 9:07 am

Your story is wonderful ,but i wanna you know ,it is very tired to keep my eyes on these small words, so next time , i hope i can read a story easily.

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