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Rotten Relationships

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 7:59 pm
by Desislava
XXI century. The era of progress and development. Really? only one way -technology. But as to relationships between people we are going back to the beginning of the world, and it won't be so amazingly if dinosaurs had managed communicating better than us.
Every day it gets harder and harder. Because every single day people slowly are drowning in the swamp of luxury. Not that I am fond of Asceticism. Oh, no..of course, modern life has its qualities as well. But the problem is that humans respect only the outer side of things, their look, and don't see their rotten core. So being beautiful outside is the only aim of every person. As he's developing only his body, the mental abilities of the homo sapiens start to decay and in a certain period they just disappear. What a better option for preventing a good conversation?
Have you ever heard about Zigmund Freud? Hmm, it's difficult to find him in an edition of 'Playboy', 'Cuisine' or 'Autoworld', and although not being mentioned i the favourite magazines of about 95% of the Earth population [a note - I suppose you may not have heard the names of exactly these magazines, but I bet in your country can be found many with the same content] he has said a few interesting things. For example - 'the biological instincts of a human (mainly sexual and agressive) are struggling at all costs for satisfaction and are the real reason for human acts'. Have you ever thought about the reason why you start talking to a beautiful stranger? Because earlier or later you hope to show him/her your bedroom [sorry if you are from the 5% human beings with a different opinion]. And this thought prevents any possibilities for a philosophical debate. seems that ideals of Humanism are burried in the past. But it's not so late for the Homo sapiens to repair their broken minds, is it?


Posted: Wed Dec 24, 2003 1:15 pm
by intothwind
Desi,i am glad to read your postings.

Please,dont think that the people have changed their inside.

Only the Most of the time they are in a hurry and they have "no time to stand and stare".

But the human heart always will keep very deeply its Dreams.

They,the Dreams will die last.

Merry Chrismas with my heartest best wishes.
Be yourself and dont forget the Life is magic !!!

Posted: Wed Dec 24, 2003 4:59 pm
by Guest
Merry Christmas :)
It is a time for good thoughts and actions, and I am almost convinced in your words...
But if people haven't changed, this means that they have always been such barbarians. :)
Does being in a hurry excuse all actions? I don't think so. Imagine you are in a great hurry, and unfortunately you hit a person on the street with your car...and how bad he dies...It is going to be a murder. But does the fact that you were late for a meeting take off your fault? Mm..I don't think so. Do you?
You will say...that my example isn't quite connected with the theme, but isn't this awful attitude towards the others, the one which is killing our inside world - our souls :)

Re: Rotten Relationships

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2004 6:50 pm
by Guest
I can't say that I don't agree with you, but I agree just with a part. Here are a lot of people who are like this but also a lot of people who are very different. I know it from my surroundings. Our relationships are so 'terrible' because we don't communicate. Money are in this world very important so people have to go to work. Because there they must be for quite a long time and when they come home they have to cook and do a lot of other things, then there is too little time for communicating ... and when people don't talk their relationships can't be good although they ,like a people, can be one of the best.

I know this situation from my home. My parents don't talk with me and I am mostly very sad because of it. All my life I'm looking for someone who would listen to me and who would talk to me. But my parents don't realize it ... because the communication is bad ,now I don't know how to say them it ... it's very sad ,but our communication's never been good so it's very difficult to say them my feelings and thoughts ...

I think that like this it isn't only in my family. In the whole world is a lot of people that feel like me ... My parents aren't bad. Honestly they are very good but although all this our relationship is bad ....

It is because of the era but we can't say that it's the cause of our problems .... we should do something against it and if we don't ,we can't be fed-up with it.

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2004 4:22 pm
by Desislava
Hi. Thanks for reading the essay :) . In it I was talking about communication not only in our families, but with the whole mass of surrounding people. But anyway, I had a problem pretty close to yours. My parents are both doctors, working almost the whole day. Then they come back home, totally exhausted from the incredible number of people, passed through their cabinets, explaining all the horrible things from which they suffer. And of course when my parents come back home, they are not in the mood for talking, absolutely not for the mood to listen to other complains. And when I was younger I couldn't realise the reason why they don't want to hear me, why they are not interested in me. I thought that they are egoists, they don't love me and my brother, they are not good parents...And of course I didn't make a try to help them in anyway. But now things are much better. I realised that my parents are people in fact, and like everyone need to share their problems with somebody, not just to listen and help their children. You have to try be in help to them as well. For example you can cook something, clean the house, water the part from the house work. Then when they come back, they can have a small rest, ask them how did their day pass...I was amazed how close we became, after such small changes in my behavior. And now i know much more about them in a way, i really feel like a part of them. Now it isn't a problem to have a drink with their friends, when they come at home too. And another thing try to find some free time to go out together. Go one day to the theater, to the cinema or just play cards at home. Things get quite different. But don't try to be with them all the time, because everyone has to be alone in a certain time. That's my opinion, but everyone makes the decisions for himself :)

my sincer wish

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2004 9:11 am
by venus
Desi,it's pleasure to read your poetry,essays,letters.
You are clever girl and surely like most bulgarians girls beautiful.

Trust me,Desi, the Life is -->>Here and Now
Everyone has in his heart a srong power of Love,Dream,
but have to increase them,
Because there is no more great happiness than to look in the eyes of the beloved person.

Be Happy ,Desi,this is my sincer wish,venus

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2004 2:00 pm
by Desislava
Hi, Venus.
Of course everyone carries the love and dreams in him, but it is important sometimes to show them as well. After all the strongest power in the world is love, no matter how we try to push it from the first place. And it is not just pleasure to see it in your beloved's eyes, but in the ones of your friends, relatives and even people who you don't know. Happiness is contageous, so i wish everyone is ill.
Thank you for the sweet words and let them come back to you in twice their size. :)