adejectives combinating

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maria jose

adejectives combinating

Post by maria jose » Fri Dec 26, 2003 8:48 am

Barcelona, Friday, 26 December 2003

Once, long time ago, I met an extraordinary person who was in her mid-fifties and the smallest woman I had ever met, sixty centimetres tall more o less. Her body was tubby, in fact it was easier to jump over her that turner her around. Her face was round with a small short pointed nose and warmed by big light blue eyes. She had a little red mouth that always smiled showing her white teeth. If you looked out her you would feel welcome. I found she was friendly, kind and good-natured.

Her clothes were a bit of a disaster because they didn’t much. Her long dark blue skirt was Victorian in style and she was wearing a red shirt with a short wide pink tie. When she laughed her shoes laughed too because their tips were open showing two green and yellow socks.

After I had spoken to her for a short time I saw that she was a wonderful, extraordinary and hard-working fairy. Her job was to turn naughty boys and girls form Barcelona into generous, honest and friendly adults.

Since then I have believed in fairies.

Mª José

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Post by daimy » Mon Aug 09, 2004 1:36 pm

Hello ! maria jose
I have just read your writing, the interesting story,I like it, now I like to mention other respect, it is energy in life
I admire woman in your story as well as other disabled people , they bravely face life challenges with optimistic and love of live not to interested in disease or disability of their bodies, they accept the true, not complain destinies, try to exit with all energies
Near my house , there is a man with armless and legless about fifty years old, although his family is in poverty but he has never begged any alms , he himself earns money to support his mother and himself by selling lottery tickets ,customers have to take tickets themselves when buying his tickets, however many people like to buy his tickets because he is jovial and polite man, smile is always at his mouth., I do not like lottery ticket but I sometimes buy some tickets, not for pity for admiration In the evening, many children like to swarm over him to listen him telling funny stories , resounding laughter makes exciting atmostphere. I sometimes do not understand why he can happy in poor situation like that. I really admire him ,he is happy with his destiny

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