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Life consists of a series of battles!

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Life consists of a series of battles!

Post by RedRose » Sat Apr 24, 2004 9:36 am

so far,I have already gone through many feelings ,such as freedom,happiness,pains,failures,defeat,surprises,and so on.I know that I shall still have the rest of life to live,meantime,I shall continue various feelings and experiences.however,I can calmly accept whatever shall I meet.coz I know of such a truth:Life consists of a series of battles!

last month,I chatted with an icelandic kid from by MSN.He is only 16,but he is a genius.3 years ago,he made up a rock band and he played guitar in the band,meantime,he composes the lyrics and tunes of all songs that his band the first time of chatting,he sent me a website where he uploaded a few of his songs,then I downloaded some of them.after listening to his songs at first,I even doubted that those songs were contributed to him,but when we chatted further,I no more doubt that.coz his words revealed him to be a wise and clever talent.the next day,he told me he had attempted to kill himself three times in past two years!but his friends saved him.I was shocked!I couldn't understand why he committed suicide.After all,he is so perfect and admirable,handsome,brilliant,and many girls adore him! I was confused,so I asked him:"why?why did u attempt to kill youself?"he answered:"coz I then found that i lost my inspirations of composing songs.this is only reason." I said:"you see,you are much more lucky than me,u have good intelligence and excellent appearance,and u is so contrast,I am 34,and I am not as clever and charming as u,besides,I have gone through many pains and miseries,these miseries are much more serious and fearful than losing inspirations of composing songs,but I never attempted to kill myself,coz I think that Life consists of a series of battles!when miseries or pains or failures come to me,I do my best to defeat them every time.if I triumph over them,I shall be proud of my victory;and if I fail,I shall prepare myself to fight with the next battle." he said:"maybe u are strong enough to face them." I said:"kid,either can you,as long as you want,you can do so! aftertime,as depressions come to u,don't be afraid of them,you must regard them as battles and fight with them.That way,u can enjoy the happiness of fight,please believe me,you can do",he said:"i shall have a try." I said:"No,not only having a try,but also u must fight with them!" he consented.I hope that he can get stronger and stronger gradually.,I really don't want such a clever kid to disappear.

For everyone,life is precious,meantime,life is venturesome,so it is so exciting and valuable.

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Post by hope4422 » Wed Oct 06, 2004 7:10 am

really good story
but human being sometime feel very sorry and sad that he can not solve his own problems espeacilally when he feel that he or she could not carry the race of life
for example, i feel depressed when I think that all my classmates are better than me in speaking English or when they know the meaning of a word and i do not know
but knowing your weakness and trying to face them is the point
hope is life


Post by RedRose » Thu Oct 07, 2004 2:48 am

it dosen't matter whether you know what an english means, coz it is such a peanut thing. when your classmates are better at lessons than you, you can either do your best to overcome him/her or praise him/her for his/her excellence.

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