To Moderators and all the members of the family

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To Moderators and all the members of the family

Post by Tonyoung » Fri Aug 13, 2004 6:50 am

During my years as a netizen on Internet, I have observed many peoples, witnessed many events, had lots of fun, and, yes, also had a few bitter experiences. I'd like to share with you this following list of suggestions for being successful in your pursuit of pleasant chatting experiences. It might be helpful for this board becoming more popular than ever before.
Useful tips ...

BE FRIENDLY! It makes others feel more at ease if you're willing to carry on a warm, friendly, conversation.

BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS. Do not harass, threaten, or badger other chatters. Observe the Golden Rule here. Avoid posting disrespectful remarks, including (but not limited to) those directed against a particular race, religion, nationality, or gender.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION. If you talk in the chat room, people will also talk with you. If you choose to sit silently instead, some folks might try to talk with you anyway...TO AN EXTENT! But with a choice between addressing a lively chatter or a wallflower, many folks will direct their attention to where they get better responses. So, remember: in order to HAVE a friend, it helps to BE a friend...and to TALK with your friends!

BE COURTEOUS. Avoid rudeness such as hogging all the conversation and using large popups or long scrolls when the channel is busy. Conversation should take top priority, and popups or scrolling text (such as "singing" or "reciting poetry" in channel) should only be done if the channel is fairly slow at the time. In fact, some channels consider popups and scrolls to be rude distractions and prohibit them entirely, so it's best to check first.

HELP NEWBIES. New chatters often feel overwhelmed with the chatting environment. Time that you spend helping them to understand chat procedures, lingo, smileys, etc., is usually appreciated a great deal. It helps them to understand more quickly and to have more fun. I consider it to be well worth the effort, since it also tends to accelerate the building of friendships.

INCLUDE "SMILEY"S! When you type something across the internet, others can't see your facial expressions, and so they might easily misinterpret the intent of your comments. For example, to show you're merely joking about something, you might want to include a winking or grinning smiley face such as :-) or ;-) or ;) to indicate what you're feeling and thinking.

AVOID INDECENCY. Nothing turns some people off faster than being subjected to excessive profanity and vulgarity. Many channel ops will quickly "kick" chatters who exhibit indecent language or behavior.

MEND DAMAGED RELATIONSHIPS. Misunderstandings happen in chat, just as in real life, or even moreso due to the absence of facial expressions. If you discover that you have hurt or offended someone unintentionally, you should immediately attempt to explain and apologize. I have inadvertently hurt or offended people in chat, and I invariably feel terrible about it. I am thankful that my apologies have usually repaired much of the damage.
Of course there are times when chatters playfully tease or joke with one another in a manner that might seem to violate some of the points of the above list. A rule of thumb is: If you mean no harm, and no harm is perceived by the other chatters, it's okay. But if others are hurt or offended, then you probably have gone too far, and so an apology is in order.

Okay, that's have fun!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Post by Lilian » Fri Aug 13, 2004 6:14 pm

thx tony.
i thought i already knew how to talk to people. i re-read ur post which is useful...

do the best u can...chao
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Re: To Moderators and all the members of the family

Post by cwvicky » Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:13 am

Somehow in this great big world I found my way to you My friend across the radio channel my heart, my soul, that's who

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Re: To Moderators and all the members of the family

Post by PowerEnglish » Fri May 29, 2015 3:59 pm

cwvicky wrote:Somehow in this great big world I found my way to you My friend across the radio channel my heart, my soul, that's who
How on earth does one stumble across such historic posts when posting for the first time!? Spooky...

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Re: To Moderators and all the members of the family

Post by mahmoudgaba » Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:10 am

Thank you very much for your useful adice. I have just registered in this site. I feel part and parcel of your respectul members.

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