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When i recall

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Postby greatJim » Fri Oct 08, 2004 3:11 am

Su and I shared the dinner with each other that evening.
He said many experience after graduation and said that to go outside is the best way for us.Maybe Canada,maybe America.
yes,30 percent of our classmates had gone outside.
"Has you any information about Xiaoyi?"i asked him inadvertently.
"I met her several monthes ago."
"IS that?..Where?"I asked,that's really out of my surprise.
"here,in Shanghai.she had some kinds of work to do here.And with another student of my class."
Maybe Su found something change on my expression.and paused for a little moment.
"I think you should go to see her when you had time free."After a while ,he said.
I nodded with silence.and began to eat again.

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Posts: 383
Joined: Sun Sep 19, 2004 5:00 am
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Postby greatJim » Sat Oct 09, 2004 5:05 am

I knew that was impossible for me and Xiaoyi now.She didn't want to see me ,when she arrived Shanghai.
I did something wrong in my work,and was warned by the manager.
One night,i went to the bank of the HuangPu river ,which was the famous river of Shanghai,I gazed at the water,the other side of the river .they were enclosed in the haze.
My mother thought it was time for me to think about marriage.BUt i refused.
And several young colleuage in my working place were falling in love or just married.
It seemed i never found someone or been found by someone.But i didn't care it too much.
One time a young couple got married.and invited the colleagues to dance in the Disco.
When we came out of the party with fatigue,and departed in the darkness of the city.I felt a little happier.
One girl came near to me,She always liked to drink coffee when she was doing work,So i often chatted with her.
She said to me in low voice,"YOu really looked like an alien tonight."And laughted.
I said back to her,"Am I?"


Postby RedRose » Sat Oct 09, 2004 11:31 am

nice story! sounds like a poem.

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