Words...Everyone has a different meaning for every word

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Words...Everyone has a different meaning for every word

Post by Shahid » Sat Nov 06, 2004 2:12 am


Everyone has a different meaning for every word
I have always felt that when I say words like friend, trust, link or bond that others don't understand what I am talking about. To me these words are very important and should not be used lightly. Many people seem to nod their head and completely miss my meaning. This happens so often that I often feel I am not speaking the same English. I have always hated analyzing what others have written; because I feel that I cannot possible understand what they had in mind. I can only but what I read into what I know and compare the two. Unless I know the author and know with what they were going through when they wrote it.
When people call me friend I used to feel honored, because for me a friend is a person you don't need to keep things from. A person you can count to jump in if you find you are in over your head. A friend helps you see things when you are to close to the situation even if they are not that you want to see (especial those). Friends are there when you need them and even when you don't. They know the stupid things you love to do and they know when to leave you to be the person you have to be. Friends have a bond that often means they step on each other toes but the rise above it and grow with it. I was shattered when I found out that others didn't see it this way. To many a friend is just a person you have meet and remember their name. I may be an Idealist but I always tried to live up to being the best I could. I chose to have few friends as a child. The ones I had were ones I hoped to keep forever. As I grew older I realized that I couldn't live up to my own Ideals so I went and became the common definition of a friend. This made me feel so unlike me that I decided I would have to find a happier middle ground. I'm still looking...
Trust to me more than has to believe in something or someone. A trust is as scared as a friend. Anyone who talks to you about private matters should not have to ask you to keep that info to yourself. I learned the hard way that nothing is private unless you tell the person it is, and that the only way to keep you problems from reaching other ears is to bottle them up inside of your self. Then I hear, from the very people who didn't keep my trust, that holding back is unhealthy. Well telling is harmful as well. So like the definition of friend I am still looking for the mean of trust that works in these modern days.
A bond and a link for me are things that are so strong I can't explain them. It is rare to find some one you are so in touch with or feel so close to that your relationship. I have had few such experiences. The one true link I had with a human has been gone for several years. My friend Ali and I grew up together and share more dreams and hopes than anyone, I have touched sense. He died and the bond was broken. I attached my self to others, searching for that kind of bond again but all I found were one-sided links... A physical item became a symbol of my devotion for that person and yet there was nothing on the other side of this link. It lacked the second half that would make it a bond. I have come to the conclusion that humans in this modern day are unable of such a bond. That Ali and me were kindred spirits and that nothing can bring a bond about.
Animals on the other hand for bonds that not even death can tear apart. I have had links for animals all my Life. My falcons that live in the tall sycamores on the farm in Pakistan, my horse and my dogs, even some cows. I still weep for the animals that died on that farm. I cry for all death but once I start to cry everyone that has ever touched my life and is now gone comes into my mind. Animals often know when you are crying on the incident. They see you happy, sad, and angry, all with out you explaining anything to them. They love with out words and understand with out explanation. They trust but not till you earn it and once earned it can be cared into the most dangerous of places. These bonds are as fragile as they are strong.
~* To the world you maybe just one person; But to one person you could be the world *~
Shahid Javed

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Post by Lilian » Sun Nov 07, 2004 10:36 pm

shahid i love ur eassy...very nicely written,,

good job..
English is my second language

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Reply to Shahid

Post by Chet Baker » Wed Feb 02, 2005 8:28 am

:D Hi, Shahid, thank you for sharing your feeling about friendship. In my experiences, friendship may have several meanings and degrees and it varies from time to time depends on circumstances.

Wrongful use of the term of friendship may causes trouble. For example, if your boss is one of your friends, the relationship is still within an employer and an employee. Even the relationship is as close as brother, I am sure you will not tell him everything or treat him as good as your general friend or boyfriend or girlfriend etc., because, it is unlikely that you will expose/disclose everything about yourself in order to protect yourself. Sometime, you may even need to show proper respect to him, although you may feel reluctant to do so. Therefore, in this situation, another kind of definition of friendship can be applied which is usually lower than the one used to refer to the relationship between boy and girl friend or between colleague, schoolmate.

Before you treat someone as good as brother or friend, it may be necessary to consider whether it is worth to do so. To me, I have so many friends, but the best are so few, nevertheless, I find this is enough. Who is your best friend, I think “time” can tell.

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