the puzzle and power of LOVE

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Post by isabel » Thu Feb 10, 2005 1:14 pm

usually there is no reason for true love
in my life ,a pretty nice girl was also in loved with a blind male singer .
it's true love!
it's true love?
I just wonder why is it always a pretty girl loved a blind or dumb,cripple... man?
I just wonder what will happened when a handsome boy meet a lovely but blind,or dumb,cripple....girl??
they can be also in love?

I haven't meet ,or never meet this kind story in my life
maybe not forever

the choice of a girl is always diffrent than a man's.
just live your life well and don't mope too much,love will find you...

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Post by RedRose » Sat Feb 12, 2005 2:52 pm

anyway, I don't think this girl is smart, at least not when she chose her boyfriend.

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Re: the puzzle and power of LOVE

Post by Lilian » Wed Feb 16, 2005 4:20 pm

pinkfloyd76 wrote:How to write a good short story????
You have noticed surely that some short stories are really great and while reading not too long text you can think long about its message after reading it. Most of short stories here are about love. Everlasting topic though very easy to make it rather funny and idiotic than sad and thrilling (for example).
So I would like to write you rather funny and positive story about love.
As I am a teacher today I have had another lesson with one group of 17. One girl there is really interested in my subject. And she is really great. They had a very dificult test some time ago and she scored the highest mark. Moreover I ?noticed? her cause she has been practising ballet and danced beatifully during one of school performances some time ago. She was really great and full of passion. She has only highest marks and is really nice. Important ? she is new at the school cause she moved from another school/place. I don?t know. Don?t ask her about it.
I didnot notice she found a boyfriend in her new class. The boy doesnot look the smart one but is really very friendly and nice. I havenot managed to notice him (I am new at the school too and teach there lots of groups). Today have been a day of giving term marks in this class. The girl has been awarded with the highest one.Other thing she has been awarded with the highest marks from nearly all subjects. She is really perfect/always active&engaged. But at the end of column in a register I have seen a boy sitting next to her (her boyfriend) has the same marks that she has had. I couldn?t believe/understand how could it happen! I asked him to have a look into his notebook and his notebook was JUST BEAUTIFUL, quite completed&beautiful pictures/charts all in a pencil not in a ballpen. I got really shocked.
-How did you manage to get another highest mark in this class from my subject???- I asked
him - I havenot noticed you liked it so much!
I was shocked. When the bell rang they went out together and were laughing to each other on a school corridor.
One girl came to me and told:
- He is a very dumb pupil and his generall performance is really poor. Only higest mark for
him is from your subject cause his girlfriend was helping him with everything!!!


What do you think about this lovestory? The girl is really smart. She rewrote all notebook for her boyfriend and somehow was helping him all term to be the best too.

That?s rather funny story for me if her help was honest;)

this story seems interesting to me. Love is blind and no one can't say "No" to their loved one. however i prefer honesty than anyother things. The boy is not only stupid but also lame to expect note from his girlfriend. he should have some self respect for himself. so, teacher tell me, what would u do, if u were the same condition. not as a teacher, but as a student.
English is my second language

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Post by amoolah » Sat Feb 19, 2005 9:11 am

RedRose wrote:anyway, I don't think this girl is smart, at least not when she chose her boyfriend.

I strogly agree with u ;) after all nobody is perfect...

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