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My daily diary welcome to share my life to Peking University

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 10:33 am
by darewenzj
Sept. 13th . Tue. 2005

This is my first passage, so I have to take it serious. I have many words to say ,but it's hard to type them down, i don't know whether this way i record my life in this serious and holy forum will be considered into some kind of irrigating water(?)........but ,my altitude of writing these is full of careness and my respect in order to make us more known to each other. May be nobody would like this way of showing...anyway, my life is going on ,and i would like to write it down and let it be a part of precious memory in my late life...May be after the COLLEGE EXAMINATION , i will publish a book named <My writing time in PK UNVERS FORUM>,hoho~~~
I can guess what u are thinking about ,don't worry about that ,i can manage my time well ,in fact ,typing these down doesn't take me too much time a day ,just 10 minutes or so .....and during these 10 minutes ,i can feel the power , courage , ardour, and some aspirant feelings u all presenting me all the time....

I have to admit that the saying " Life will be incomplete without the experince of G4 life" , I 've learned a lot during these day , I know what principle means ,and what is the success means.
i think i have told u i am in a behindhand educational school ,whose teaching methods ,in my opinion, are completly wrong..........
i am saying this not to do some complaining ,because i 've already know complaining is the most silly and boring thing of this world.
i am just aiming at this concrete thing ,not a person or school.
well , i have to say sorry ,my time is up ,tomorrow i will tell u the concrete process of that thing which i feel proud of and makes me understand the meaning of my own principle....

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 10:35 am
by darewenzj
Sept. 14th . Wed. 2005

I said I would tell you the story of "My development of principle", but after a thoughtful sleep , I've decided to make a rough relation through that I'm not a child , so it may seem a little bit childish to tell a boring and unimportant story as if i were in my kindergarten . In a word ,that story is just so so ....

These days ,I have finished a book named <study smarter ,not harder>, which is selling very well all over the United States according to it's preface. I've learned a lot of new skills on how to learn my interesting things more efficiently. I hope everyone could read it and he would not regret having done that. Especially among those skills or methods ,I take most interested in Classical Music method , the book indicated us that some kind of classical music such as <乐水> ,could help our brain wave turn into b band ,which is the clearest band for study, i should say it's my first time to get into classical music , before reading this book , I had regarded it as the most boring and the least understandable music in the world .But I was completed wrong .Classical music doesn't belong to the people who dress oneself well , classical music belongs to the people who is simple and affected and who has his imagination . You know , modern people have a world of misunderstandings in CM, of course ,including me in the past. CM is not only a kind of simple music ,I believe it has some unknown magical power .If u r interested in CM, the most fascinating music ,u may get in touch with me , and i will feel that as an pleasure.
CM is as cool as any other things u can imagine in this material world .Believe me ,it will bring u into a pure beauty world.

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 10:36 am
by darewenzj
yesterday ,i wasn't able to get on line for some unknown technical reason, so i didn't put my passage up ,today ,i am putting my yesterday's passage.

Sept. 15th . Thur. 2005

i got a cold today ,and can't take a breath by nose...G4 life is a repeat . sometimes i don't know how to write about to interest u ,my friends.
today i have to run ,for there is still lots of tasks remaining before me . i would like to tell u some flat story about my class. Do u konw that ? we 've got a so called "class flower"(called by girl students ,if it's called by boys ......How interesting....) in front of me by several rows .i have to admit that she is some kind of a beauty .But i don't interested in and appreciate her at all ,for one reason importantly is i've already got a GF (although i don't think this emotion between us can last for ever or long ,but i have to try ..), for the other reason ,i don't think those girls are not vulgar badly .In fact ,nowadays ,more and more girls' thoughts towards life and money could make me sick successfully. and ,they ,who has beauty outside ,also has the absenteeism of spirits inside.
It's a pity that some women or girls are claiming on their rights of soul respects ,while they ,or somej other women are selling their souls vulgarly. I hate that. In my opinion, there are little more real beauties ,such as XI SHI or some ancient time beauties, than real pandas in this guilty material world. I have to admit that i hold a negative altitude towards girls . I feel ashamed ,but the experience i went through makes this negative altitude. may be u r surely against my standpoint , that is okey, but i will tell u another story about one of my netfriends in Guangdong .
we got to know each other on net ,and i know that she had been just gratuated from junior middle school and now she is working outside just for a living .At first ,she said to me she would insist her personalities no matter what would happen. i was appreciating that all the time. But recently i heard that she is now working in a night club from her own words . i don't know what to say .may be i 've never experience some social life or social work and didn't feel the presure of society .But ,i do have a principle deep in my heart :"i 'd rather die if i had no freedom"
That's what i thought about it .And what i really want to say is that : Man as a man ,should not be much too greedy and lustful . once(i mean, if!) u get a real female intimate ,take good care of her and let her be a part of your life.Because your real lover is only one ,much fewer than any kind of national treasure ---such as panda...

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 10:37 am
by darewenzj
Sept. 17th . Sat. 2005

What do we live for indeed on this earth........?

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 1:06 pm
by darewenzj
Sept. 19th . Mon. 2005
Several days before is Mid-Autumn Day , so i hope this festival doesn't lose it's own meaning . In Song Dynasty a poet named SUSHI expressed his emotion by saying " I wish everyone could live a long life and get together by heart no matter how far they were ".
But today , with the destory of growing technology, human-beings are losing their touch with wild nature , they are losing their sense of beauty ,and they are even losing their living sense on this earth , why are we born to this world ?what do we really want in this world? right? and of course i had been included unfortunately .
Yesterday i saw a film named <Crying fist > produced by S.korea .(
and this is a still from <crying fist > , isn't it cool?) indeed i enjoy movies very much, because a good-quality movie will give u a good shock and meanings of some positive aspects . i really appreciate one of the character named WANG SHANG(?) in that film. And i thought about his behaviours again and again , i suddenly realized that may be the life's true meaning means struggling, struggling all the time, no matter who u r ,no matter how old u r ,and no matter whether u r feeling happy or not . Someone said that life is happiness ,but i think this saying is not very appropriate ,in fact ,it is more one-sidedness than all-roundness .Life is struggling. it means whether we r a refugee or a successful man , we should struggle, struggling all the time. And i think that's my idea of life.

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 1:08 pm
by darewenzj
Sept. 20th . Tue. 2005
May be sometimes we are getting tired of study or work or something like that.I often feel tired of study just for marks. and now i understand it is the marks that makes me feeling tired of working or studying all the time . i hated it!
Today my grandmother's one word woke me up :"If u are climbing a mountain in the idea of just taking a walk , u will never feel tired, and u will soon get your destination unconsciously....."
That's very very right , isn't it ? i think there r there life ways which can make one sucessful:
1.diffidence, don't like to say many words but they do know how to work ,and they r doing that right away ,they reach their goals without any hesitation ,even it will cost their lives.
2.peaceful, this is the most advanced state .it's hard to reach. and one who owns it will not feel surprised under surpring condition and also will not feel hatable under no-reason condition.
3,extravert, they r talking a lot and can will keep a balance between society and work .and this kind of person is just needed by morden companies ,but unfortunately , this kind of person detract their power in work and few of them will be extreme successul man indeed.
What i want to be is 1 . 2......and i think the relationship between them is that before i get success i own the life way 1,and of coure life way 1 must be the main way of my living attitude ,and after i get success i have the condition to own life way 2 as a accessorial one. and i think that will keep me more optimistic and positive......

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 1:12 pm
by darewenzj
and this is a still from <crying fist > , isn't it cool?

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2005 12:15 pm
by darewenzj
Sept. 21th . Wed. 2005

Today i got a new recognization of education in China which is on behalf of the same educational system in Asian (yeah~~~ i believe that a new recognization everyday makes me a more ripe and optimistic person) In Asian ,especially in China ,students don't and can't have the courage and good conditions to reach their knowledge by their own .The reason i think is not only because they are lazy but more importantly because the surroundings make most of them to be a more negative people , which i've been against all the time. As a matter of fact ,i really appreciate the educational system that is able to lead students up to finding the answers by thier own. I LOVE IT !
On the contrary , the Chinese one is quite boring except that fortunately u happen to come across a nice teacher who can teach u not the way to find answers by yourself , but also the way to be a real man.And i think both of the above are important .Because searching knowledge by yourself gives u the way to boundless knowledge , and the way of life ,the attitude towards people or things can bring u boundless correct directions . It means every step u take will bring u every success , and then u will realize what does the saying " Succeed is just a habit " mean.
In China's classroom ,teachers are teaching their teachings ,and students are learning their learnings (in order to cooperate that) .HOW BORING AND STIFF IT IS ! I HATE IT ! China has an old saying ,that is " One man's chewed food is always another man's poison ,which does not only give him no nutritions as expected but also unfortunately lead him to a bad vomiting !" HOW STRANG, isn't it ? I just can't understand it , can't understand it ..............What about u ?
But on the other hand , we have to admit that this unfair education did "Produce" some normal successful men ,but u know ,that's just normal ! it doesn't care whether what u r studying is your real interest or not .Because that is so "unimportant " for the whole machine of national policy .u know? if the students are compled to learn what they r not interested in ,they r just wasting their lives ,wasting their gifts ,wasting their values .and in the end ,they just become victims for the national benefits!
But what can we do ,we can't change this system which is "surely suitable for this time" ,because "we are just tiny before the benefits of a whole nation".
is that right? in my opinion, it is no democracy if the national benefits are based on most students freedom and lives .
GOD won't let human lose all hopes easily. In my opinion , there still are some effective schemes for this certainly unfair condition .
FIRST , i think i must choose a correct attitude ,that is , my life way , firmly .( just as i said in yesterday's diary) this is important ,it means your fist step and your progressing direction.
SECOND, i must realize that although the surrounding at present is not very suitable for a positive studying way ,but our lives are still going on , they just depend on ourselves . " Attitude means everything " .i must choose an attitude that can prevent me from eating the bad " chewed food " and constantly encourage me to reach my own knowledge and let me burst out my braveness and boundless creations .
That's good ,but we all know that " it's easier saying than doing " although i realized taking all of the above into action is a difficult task ,but i will try ,try my best ...Believe it or not ,next year ,this time ,u all will see my published book named <my idea of life> surely ...
HOHO~ may be it seems that i 'm dreaming a dream or surely joking ,But actually , I AM NOT .
However ,YOUTH IS PREVIOUS , i will try ,try my best ,and struggling all the time.

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2005 11:44 am
by darewenzj
Sept. 23th . Fri. 2005

several days later ,our national day comes. the only advantage we 've got is we can have a 5-day holiday.......
May be i will use this time to move a litter further i think......