A poem about grammar.

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Re: A poem about grammar.

Post by Krisi » Sun Dec 16, 2007 3:10 am

Khokha wrote:Hi All,
One day in my grammar class, the instructor asked as to write poems about grammar. Actually, it was an assignment and at the same time a competition. I wrote a simple poem and it was like a conversation between me and other classmates. I want to you to share your opinion with me, please!

please! don't Laugh because it was the first time for me to write a poem.

Here ir the poem:

How happy I am!
When I attend the class
And how sad I am!
When I miss my class

Class? Class? Which class you mean?
Don't you know what I mean?
Class of grammar I mean
What can a student call him?
I've never seen like him

Him? Him? Who is him?
Sir, Doctor, you choose anything
Rayn, Robert, he accepts every thing
The lessons of grammar are useful
But we have to be careful

Really? Really? Do you mean that?
Yes, yes it's not easy,
But some chapters are maybe
Please! Don't think we are lazy
Cause we are going to be crazy

Crazy? Crazy? Why crazy?
Sometimes we sleep in the class
To keep attention we need a glass
We enjoy answering the question
But why reasons must be mentioned?

Oh student, how poor you are!
I think "Good Grammar" is a useful book
Answers are written at the end of the book
Look! Look! Please take a look!
To our most amazing book
Is it true that these were the first poems you've done... hmm, I think you've composed a lot before these...
These are all wonderful! :)

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