A rainn night

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A rainn night

Post by foxkidnocry » Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:26 pm

It was a ranny night, and I suddenly thought about my classmate. She loved rains. One day, she called me out of the class, closed the umbrella and asked me to walk with her in the rain. She told me that it was so romantic when 2 people walking together in the rain. Yes, I did with her though some people said us to be silly and too romantic. But I thought why didn’t we do such a gentle and lovely thing. The rain that day sounded soft and sad…

It was a rainny night, I suddenly thought about my classmate. She once told me that if I could catch a yellow leaf in the rain, our love would come true. It was when I was in 8th class, and I hoped if I had caught a yellow leaf, our love would have had a nice ending. I believed… . I rode my bicycle on a road in a rainny afternoon when the sun was going down. My hand tried to catch the leaves slightly flying between the sky. Our first love seemed to meet obstacles, the leaves softly touch my palm and continued to fly with the wind. That rainny day was so sad…

It was a rainny night, I feel creepy due to the cold wind and suddenly thougt a same Autumn rainny night. My boy friend said that I was getting cold when Winter is coming. I only smiled and replied: “yes, I seem to be a cool girl, before, now and maybe in the future”. I thought that pointless sentence was forgotten soon. But unexpectedly, he couldn’t bear my cold. And that rainny night became a sad rainny one…

I was wondering if I was cold. I thought it was not right. I was not cold. I only didn’t know how to express my feelings and my thouhgt. I have learnt, but I seem to be still clumsy. Otherwise, I woulnd’t have made so many people sad…

Tonight is a rainny . I am listening to the sound of Vietnamese “Faint Heart” song from my sister’s ipod. I didn’t like it. But this night, there is only sound of it in harmony with the sound of rain. I suddenly feel a little sad and I burst into tears. However, I feel happy due to my heart is not cold. My heart is brimful of love and feelings…

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Post by andes » Sun Sep 23, 2007 12:00 pm

gosh! it seems to be deadly romantic, though i like your writing so much. :D

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Post by ansheng » Wed Oct 10, 2007 9:52 pm

great!i like it.

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