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Post by shakespear » Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:57 pm

shakespear wrote:TO ELENA
Long golden tresses of Venus the blonde
Scattered in the fair breeze of the night
Be merciful towards me, of you I’m very fond
Don`t cover your hair, let me catch sight
* * *
I love you as much as a sea
You are as beautiful as a hind
Although you are distant from me
But you`re still in my heart and mind
* * *
You have lovely stature, you are tidy /taidi/
You walk with grace and move with grace
Oh darling! let us meet on Friday /fraidi/
I spent my age tracing your trace
* * *
Looking at you eyes, I feel well
All the world in your sexy eyes
I follow you even to the hell
I was sane but I`m no longer wise

really i loved her but now i can`t contact her so what to do?
comment plz

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