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Roses for mother.....

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Roses for mother.....

Postby denvinbo » Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:15 am

I was walking along the flower-bed, bending down and sniffing the smell of some flowers (I was chooosing a rose), it took me a lot of time. After choosing carefully, I had the florist wrapped a bunch of roses with red gift-wrapping - it was my mother's favorite color. Then I used fast-transfer service to send the bunch of roses to my mother living 300 kilometers away from here. I always thought that my mother would be very happy, and I was sure. I was walking to the front door to leave the flower shop, when I just opened the door slightly, suddenly a sound of a child was crying made me stop my reflection about my mother. I looked around to find who the child was... A little girl, about 5 years old, with rumpled hair, tawny complexion, might be she was abandoned. I rushed to her and asked:
- Hey, girl! Where is your parents? And why do you stand here and cry?
- Today is mother's day, but I... I don't have money to buy a flower! - sobbed the girl.
I kept silent... I didn't think that even a little girl had the love of their parents. I held the girl's hand, I felt sorry for her....
- Hey, girl! I will buy a flower for you, do you agree? - I decided and asked.
- Yes, you buy me a flower.
The girl had the first smile since I met her. I held her in my arms, came back to the flower shop. I let her choose a flower and she chose a white rose. I wondered why she chose it. I paid money and asked the girl:
- Do you want me to take you to your mother's house?
- Yes, you take me to my mother's house.
I rode motorbike, so I put her in front, I said her didn't give me wrong directions, otherwise getting lost. After riding for 15 minutes, she directed me to a graveyard. I felt a bit cold with these kind of deserted place, I wondered what she would do here. Suddenly, the girl jumped down the motorbike, running into the graveyard lonely, she stopped at a grave, put the white rose in front of the grave... Until now, I knew where the girl's mother was, and I also knew one thing: Although she lost her mother, but the love she give for her mother was still alive. Now, I needed to come back to the flower shop, I wondered if she wanted to go home, might be I would go back here to find her. I jumped out of the motor and rushed into the shop, I canceled the service and receive the red bunch of roses. Then I rode to my mother house 300 kilometers away to give her the bunch of roses. Now, I knew my mother real feeling when each mother's day passed, and I also knew that only the nearest things were the most happy things. I wanted to knock the door to see my mother's face after 5 years, I wanted to take her in my arms and say: "Mom, I love you so much."

Denvinbo! ;-)
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Re: Roses for mother.....

Postby sweethuman » Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:40 am

Mother is the name of a sweet feeling.
Mother is the most precious gift from GOD.
Mother is the only person who loves you alot in this world.

Respect your parents, Obey their saying and follow their instructions. :-)

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Re: Roses for mother.....

Postby sweets » Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:27 pm

where you have beeeeeeeeen all this time freind ????????
it's a good story thanx for sharing

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