You’re my happiness

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Re: You’re my happiness

Post by shakespear » Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:13 am

shakespear wrote:You’re my happiness

The moon, with the stars, has just danced merrily.
In the sky, for me, in the soft night.
The trees have swayed, the birds have sung happily.
The chance has smiled; I've loved at the first sight
------------------------------------ (1)
I'd loved you before even I saw you.
Our souls met, in that old, eternal world.
My heart beats with your name, and it'll still do.
If you expel me, in hell, I'll be hurled.
------------------------------------ (2)
I can see just you, and hear just your voice.
I say your name, in my waking and sleep.
My friends blamed me, but I have no choice.
Your love is my fate, carved in my far deep.
------------------------------------- (3)
You sent your aid Cupid, hold his arrow.
He darted my heart, let me bedridden.
Couldn't he convey me to you? Break his bow?
I need you, to remove my wound, my sin.
-------------------------------------- (4)
Take me in your arms, and cravingly tug!
Bring me closer to you, kiss me on lips!
Don’t leave me a second, please tightly hug!
Let me live sweet love, with your lovely nips!
--------------------------------------- (5)

old poem
our life is like a night mare

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