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Post by shakespear » Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:01 am


Fri Jan 26, 2007 7:32 pm
Don't leave me Oh dear, catch me more tightly
I feel I shall melt, I lose my force
My heart's very weak, it beats slightly
Nothing can take you; I'm with you in any course
Fly highly don't fear... like birds in the sky
Wherever you want to go, my will to go with you
Let's live a sweet life, together we must try
Even you want to die; I'll die with you too.
Persian Rose In Italy
Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:10 am
Persian Rose In Italy

Rose Persian, I see in my dreams
Dwells in Italy, in that far place
So nice, so cute and always beams..
With beauty, hope, and moony face
I spent my life search and seek
I've just found and followed the trace
I won't stop even if I feel weak
Oh rose! You're my life, my last wish
You're my heaven, my high ideal peak
Don't leave me, it'll be my finish
****************************** 1
I love you , can't you get this fact?
"You waste our time" many times, I said
You always blame for my past act
And mourn our love as mourn the dead
Our love-days pass like dust in wind
You’re my roe, in my heart you bed
I loved you, pleased you, but you dinned..
"you don't love me, you love many"
You accused me, wronged me, you sinned
I'm yours and you're mine.. oh honey
****************************** 2
Take me with you, you took my heart
It beat inside me with your name
Now it's with you, we are apart
But you still lament and still blame
You can please me, you are so smart
I don’t deserve you, its a shame
You're truthful, so cute and so bright
But I'm liar, unclear with my dame
You're my eyes, hands, sweet dreams in night
Blame me if this will give me fame
****************************** 3
All I have said is for your sake
And your name's written by my blood
Trust me ! my poem is not a fake
Words flow from my chest like a flood
I saw your face, I became mad
You're still so fresh like a bloom bud
So don’t leave me, don’t make me sad
Your love erased all the past deeds
I know you are good and I'm bad
But you always grant my needs
****************************** 4
A woman's sorrow
Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:01 pm
A woman's sorrow

How long do I have to wait?
To torture my self and blame?
I couldn't ignore you or hate
Fire inside my heart does flame
You are my love, my soul mate
All things to you seems the same
All women, like me, are weak
You don't care for my bad fire
We always search love and seek
And we try to hide our ire
Come touch my skin, it's so sleek
I have lust, I have desire
My life will not last forever
So come relax my mind
With you I feel in fever
Killing eyes, I'm like a hind
Show me your lust, don't cover
Like my charm, where will you find?
You will still my sweet lover
I loved, really love is blind
You got your wish and you went
I dream with you, spend the nights
Our days will soon end, they're lent
So come dear and burn the lights
Your home is my heart, you rent
With me you'll get touching sights
Did the bird find another nest?
So why does the dove coo alone?
For years, she looks towards the west
And hopes him stop her hard moan
She waits and waits, she does her best
None's on skyline, she won't leave groan
Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:43 am

What a lovely face shinning with youth
What sensitive depths of charming smile
What a holy beauty, I live in its truth
An angel brought me to a burning pile
I loved her since I met her in the booth
My love increased after I read her file
"Mention me" she said "if you like me a lot"
"And say a lovely poem on our story"
"Let me feel your love, do you care or not?"
"Add me to the high state of the glory"
"Keep me close, no water the rose will rot"
I've mentioned you and I won't be sorry
Wake or sleep I say your name every time
You coddle me and call me with alias name
"Sweetie" and other names, all have that chime
And I coddle you, I always do the same
Angel You took me back to my past prime
Your love gave me happiness, and gave me fame
A mole on a rosy cheek stole my mind
And put me in a puzzlement, that faint mole
Red berry on lips and neck of a hind
Your Eyes are as pearls, they relax my tired soul
On your cheeks I read holy words and find
When can I reach my desire and my goal?
You asked me to say your name in my poem
Can't you find out your name? I've just said it
For your sake, I'm ready to leave my home
And follow you, to enjoy your soft wit
To Lima of Peru or even to Rome
Save you to me, and all things can not fit
can you understand me?
Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:37 pm
Can you understand me

Oh my sweet dream! You’re better than reality
There are no words can express my deep feeling
For your sake, I lost my kin, left my city
All blamed me loving you, how can one quit healing
Can I live without you? I need your pity
Oh love! Stay with me! You have good dealing
On those soft hillocks, I put my tired head
Relaxed, I slept for ever, I got a nice dream
The high sneer’s voice woke me” Bad omen” he said
“Jupiter’s angry, you should leave your hope beam”
If Jupiter see her, he’ll fall ill in bed
Don’t blame me! On chest I hold my seam
Oh my God! I wish I were her mirror
So I can look at her face every time
I wish I were her comb, in hair no horror
I wish I were her ground, touch me her prime
The dervish left his den to be her adorer
You’re my hope, my pleasure, you made me write rhyme
Can you understand me and my love-words?
So you should try love again and again like birds

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Post by Lara » Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:50 pm

Good Skakes, i think u took much time to collect them...congratulations :-D

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