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Post by rksingh » Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:24 am

Away from home in academia
sex, philosophy and religion
I’ve been skeptic about all these years
revels of hell in lost memories

couldn’t be a new dialect for spring
turn nude with refreshing orgasm

I still wander in my mind with fire
but no heat or light, sterile emotion
routs the spirit to live making
all presences dark and absence

fears are no bread from heaven
nor unfilled emptiness any sky

yet the eagle flies with wide eyes
nose opened to stinking patches
the mud- and ghostscapes that yield
mandate for dreams wrapped in nightmares:

I live preying for liberation
and decay with divinity

--R.K. Singh

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Post by Lara » Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:02 pm

Hello rksingh
Im a little bit confused with this poem :roll: maybe i cant get its meaning.
what u meant with=
rksingh wrote:I live preying for liberation and decay with divinity

So u need liberation but u cant get it, something like that??? and u r living in a world where u cant be urself because of society??? am i right
i couldnt get it well, perhaps if u help me explaining the meaning to me thanks c u :-D

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