Truth within ourselves!

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Truth within ourselves!

Post by KingOfHearts » Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:31 am

We always dream of something unreachable,
In the eyes of others, it would always be incurable.
We have to face the things we fear,
To unbind ourselves to the cruelty we seek!

The things i always believe in,
Would always be the things to hurt me,
Love would be the same,
If someone doesn't show me the real meaning of it.

The truth would always be the painful things!
To the heart who always be Faithful inch by inch.
Love would destroy us, Yet we seek for it,
Love would be powerful, Yet we played it.

Hurtful words coming from someone we love,
Painful feelings coming from our Heart.
How can i explain it to myself,
If you wouldn't be here to feel the same thing.

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