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You can call me a pessimist

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You can call me a pessimist

Post by subbrine » Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:54 pm

You can call me a pessimist because I don't think I will survive the real world when I finish collage. Yes I would find a way to survive but does surviving really worth it when you wake up and think: "Damn it! I am still alive". You look at the clock and panic because you only have half an hour to get ready for your job at a big company as a nobody, getting money for a man that has a gut the size of the money you will ever earn in your entire life. Worst part is: You have to look at people getting promoted just because they slept with the boss or got someone to sleep with him while you do half of the work company has. After getting shouted at work for no other reason than not worshiping the fat bastard you return to your empty apartment at ten P.M. and just sleep to do the same thing over again tmorrow.

You see, when you read this you tought: "No! A job can be never that hard, a life can never be that monotonous." Maybe you didn't and this line would be added to the long list of my mistakes; but if you tought this, this is just another addon to your longer list of mistakes. You see: A successful man or woman doesn't make mistakes at any stage of their life, because they know that if you are succesful at early stages of life, you will be successful at your later life. If you were good at cunning as a child, you will be a rich con artist; If you were a bully, you will be able to get almost anything you want with force; if you were a nerd, you will not be anything. A really big example is James Forsythe from Improbable, James isn't a really good scientist but he is so cunning that he got to the top of a science facility. He isn't smart in a straight A student way but in someone getting cheats in exam from a straight A student while knowing which one is true and which one is false.

I still remember my elementary school years: Every one had an expectation from life that used their skills, those who knew how to manage money wanted to be a banker or an accountant, those who were good at sweet talking wanted to be a pschiatrist or things like that, but I couldn't decide anything; I would be a doctor, but I would kill half of my patients; I would be an architecht, but I couldn't even draw a stickman. While thinking about this like every day I realized I was writing a couple of things lately. I can maybe become a writer but if I don't get atleast OK feedback what would it be for? just wasting money on publishers like I am an idiot and keep economy running? this is where you come in to the play my future is in your hands because at the end of the day I will serve to other people. See? I am not a pessimist, I am a realist.

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