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The moon and the boy

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The moon and the boy

Post by YeYuJun » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:12 am

but he never successed, one day, he was sleeping, Johnny made a strange dream that he stayed a dark place, and he heard the voice just like a man, he said" Johnny, you don't find the real moon's face very hard anymore because the moon will come to see you very soon, then, Johnny woke up. Johnny was really so happy that he can watch the moon's face finally. On this time, the door is knocked, he went downstairs quickly, and he opened the door. Outside was no one stood, just a letter, so Johnny picked it up, and unpacking it. Inside the letter, there was a photo that had a real moon's face,and its back had a word, it said" This is for you, thank to you never give up to find me, by moon." And Johnny looked at the photo, and he smiled.

The end

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